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I Know I Can!
I Know I Can!
I Know I Can!
Ebook34 pages14 minutes

I Know I Can!

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About this ebook

Andrew is a very happy canary.

His owner Eustacia loves him and takes great care of him.

Andrew’s life is peaceful and calm until the day a sparrow starts visiting him …


Release dateJun 12, 2021
I Know I Can!
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Rating: 0 out of 5 stars
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    I Know I Can! - A.P. Hernández


    Andrew is a bird. A bird like all the others.

    He has a very beautiful beak, a pair of wings full of feathers, and two lovely black eyes.

    You could say that Andrew is a bird from head to toe. However, in one aspect, Andrew isn’t like all the other birds.

    That’s because in his entire life, he’s never used his wings.

    But let’s see ... Oh yes, he has in fact used them. Once he used his right wing to fan himself on a summer night and another time he covered his head with his left wing to protect himself from the wind.

    What I meant to say is, Andrew has never used his wings to fly.

    Andrew lives in a cage and has an owner who adores him. Called Eustacia, she’s an elderly lady who spends the whole day watching TV and telling him about her life.

    Every week Eustacia changes the paper lining in the bottom of his cage and every day she puts fresh water in his bowl. She also feeds him very well. She gives him birdseed, grain and, from time to time, pieces of cucumber, pear and apple.

    Andrew’s favorite fruit are

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