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Lady Fallon's Dragons
Lady Fallon's Dragons
Lady Fallon's Dragons
Ebook398 pages5 hours

Lady Fallon's Dragons

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About this ebook

A wondrous tale of contemporary dragons and a young woman fighting for her life!

Eighteen-year-old Aleasya gazed briefly at each person in this exclusive area of the plane. Carefully she put her carry-on in the overhead before taking refuge in her personal suite near the window.

Tears poured down her face in endless silent rivers. Not able to stand it another minute, Aleasya sat up and took her tablet out of her tote. She searched for New York City news. It wasn’t the first story but it was there, the footage of the car being pulled out of the water. The car door was pried open. For the briefest of seconds, she saw her father’s hand with the ring showing the Fallon crest.

They were supposed to meet for dinner. When the time came and went, she called. Every time the phone went to voicemail. It didn’t make sense, her father always picked up on her calls no matter how busy.

Now she knew he would never call her back. In her head, she heard his voice. “Run, Sya Bear, run.” She sobbed, shaking so much that it hurt.

Aleasya gave the dragon prayer ring on her right forefinger a spin. I need help. Danger is closing in on me.

Release dateJun 8, 2021
Lady Fallon's Dragons
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Susan Hanniford Crowley

Susan Hanniford Crowley is a science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal romance author specializing in vampires and rare supernaturals. Crowley is an active member of SFWA, RWA, CTRWA, and BroadUniverse. She is the founder of Nights of Passion Blog which she shares with five other authors. Crowley is also an Associate Editor for Space and Time Magazine.Happy 2020! I am an Amazon Kindle Bestselling Author. Woo Hoo, and it all because of my wonderful vampire/supernatural romance novel, Vampire King of New York, and it's all about Max, Vampire David Hilliard's father. Keep your eye on Nights of Passion Blog to follow my wanderings as I talk about Max. Follow me on Facebook to get the most up-to-date details. Vampire King of New York is the first book in my 2nd series, Arnhem Knights of New York.Currently on Amazon Kindle are Vampire Princess of New York and the 3rd book in the series The Vampire with a Blanket of Stars.It's a spin-off of my first series, Vampires in Manhattan. The books in that series are When Love Survives, The Stormy Love Life of Laura Cordelais (David Hilliard's love/adventure story), A Vampire for Christmas, and Vampire in the Basement/My other books previously published by Tease Publishing which closed and returned rights. Bless them for returning rights. This affected the four books of the Vampires in Manhattan series and my mythology romance Poseidon's Catch (re-released with a new cover) and Mrs. Bright's Tea Room (re-released with a new cover).When Love Survives, which is here on Smashwords as well in lots of ebook stores, is about the supernatural community on the worst day in New York City. Our heroine is a finance student who receives surprising news from her family and is late for her internship, and our hero is a shapeshifter and financial advisor who worked in the World Trade Center. David Hilliard is introduced in this book.I have plans to bring as many of my other books over to Smashwords as possible. Happy reading! If you can't find it here, it is at Amazon Kindle.

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    Book preview

    Lady Fallon's Dragons - Susan Hanniford Crowley

    Eighteen-year-old Aleasya walked with purpose through the door of the First Class Lounge. Her father was dead. His instructions were clear. She’d follow them as if her life depended on it, and it did. No shadow of grief should reveal itself in your manner or expression. Leave and take the first available flight out of the country as soon as you know I’m gone. Don’t linger.

    She was barely in a comfortable chair in the lounge when she heard, Priority Boarding! First Class boarded by a separate entry. Aleasya gazed briefly at each person in this exclusive area of the plane. Carefully she put her carry-on in the overhead before taking refuge in her personal suite near the window.

    Inside, she was scared as hell. Her mind kept flashing back to the image on TV. Giving the dragon prayer ring on her right forefinger a spin, Aleasya took slow breaths. The whirling sound calmed her racing heart. The air softened around her. Only when the jet lifted off into the night sky did her fear begin to fade. Father always said, Fear can do two things to a person. It can energize the body into action, or it can drain a body into exhaustion.

    Once the slight turbulence ended, the green light came on. The flight attendant came and brought her tea and biscuits: her request when booking the flight.

    They left New York at 10:31 p.m. A new day was coming, but Aleasya couldn’t forget. When she finished her tea, she clicked on the signal for assistance. The flight attendant converted the seat for sleeping, took her order for breakfast, and was gone.

    Sinking into the cozy bed, Aleasya wrapped herself in the oh-so-soft blanket. She rested her head on the pillow and gazed out through the window, grateful to her father for leaving her financially comfortable.

    Tears poured down her face in endless silent rivers. Not able to stand it another minute, she sat up and took her tablet out of her tote. She searched for New York City news. It wasn’t the first story but it was there, the footage of the car being pulled out of the water. The car door was pried open. For the briefest of seconds, she saw her father’s hand with the ring showing the Fallon crest.

    They were supposed to meet for dinner. When the time came and went, she called. Every time the phone went to voicemail. She left message after message. It didn’t make sense, her father always picked up on her calls no matter how busy.

    Now she knew he would never call her back. In her head, she heard his voice. Run, Sya Bear, run. She sobbed, shaking so much that it hurt.

    In all her father’s stories, the man in the black cape was an assassin. On the day her father died, she saw such a man running in the front doors of her hotel. She was already in the taxi when she saw him.

    Thank God, he didn’t see her. She didn’t know him but felt his evil. The scenes on the TV and seeing the black caped man played over and over in her mind like a strange film noir. The soft hum of the plane’s engines soothed as if singing, and the stars twinkled at her. Exhaustion finally claimed her.


    In her dream, a white cloud shimmered past her window. That’s a dragon! Her mind automatically had those kinds of thoughts.

    Please, help me.

    Aleasya Fallon pulled the blanket closer, as if to hide within its dark folds. She tossed and turned before relaxing into the same beautiful dream she always retreated to when frightened.

    Strong arms held her close, soothing her trembling. His musk-based aftershave made her quiver inside like jello, shaky but good. He kissed her, and she kissed back. Aleasya pressed her cheek against his. He chuckled and caressed her neck with small tender kisses. Her fingers tangled in his curly hair. He brushed his lips against hers. Aleasya swooned. In the background, a strange song without words floated through her dream.

    I need help. She quivered in fear. Something is different tonight.

    Between us?

    No, she whispered in his ear. My father is dead. Danger is closing in on me. What if I can't escape? A cold chill washed over her.

    I will help you, Aleasya. He had a British accent. Why hadn’t she noticed this before?

    You can't help. No one can help. Tears streamed down her small delicate face and fell on his.

    Aleasya hovered on the edge of waking.

    He pulled her into a kiss, and she surrendered to his embrace and words. I won't let them kill you.

    Then the dream changed. Her father stood before her, more a vapor image than anything else. He shouted, Aleasya, wake up! Get out now! Run, Sya Bear, run! All over again, she was grabbing her bags and running out of the hotel. Everything from that moment raced on in sharp splinters of thought.

    The air softened around her with a warm, golden glow. A very small dragon landed near her. He sniffed her, and she smiled wiping away the tears. The creature looked like the statue her father had given her. The little fellow was gold and blue not longer than nine inches from nose to tail and no wider than two and a half. He folded his wings and sat in her hand.

    You are magnificent! After licking her nose with his forked tongue, he burst into song. At first, his voice sounded like a small boy in a choir. Then it changed being more like a flute. His song was the same wordless song she had heard a thousand times before. Her father used to hum it and the song stuck in her head. Aleasya put the little dragon in a pocket, and he seemed quite happy trilling along. She lay her face against something soft and white, while still listening to the little dragon which had snuggled against her. Something large and dark covered her like a blanket.

    What is this? She jumped.

    No need to be afraid. This will keep you warm and safe from the flames. That British baritone voice soothed her. Strong arms embraced her from behind. A calm body of water beneath reflected the fluid motion of a huge white dragon, but not the man that embraced her. He hid in shadow.

    Thank you.

    He kissed her on the neck, and she melted.


    The voice of the pilot woke Aleasya just before they landed at Heathrow. There’s nothing more unnerving than entering a country you don’t know. All she wanted to do was to get to her hotel suite and return to that amazing dream. Aleasya wanted to hide from death and find a safe place to cry until all the tears were gone, if such a thing was possible. Life was too hard to think about. Tomorrow she planned on seeing the mummies at the British Museum and being distracted by antiquities. Any world she could lose herself in was better than the ache in her heart which wouldn’t go away.


    After several days of sleeping and weeping, Aleasya emerged from her hiding place into the wonder of London. What an amazing city. Weighing the odds that the caped man hadn’t followed her to London, she decided to do all the tourist attractions. She went on the Eye of London, took the Tower Tour, and then in a forgotten London alleyway, paused. She looked up and down the empty street.

    Referring to her map, she said, Hmm. Here's the British Museum and here's Trafalgar Square. The street sign above her head read Eternity Row. It did not exist on the map, and at one in the afternoon, no one was around to ask directions.

    Down the street a little ways, a lit window caught her attention, and above it a dirty sign for Alice's Antiquities and Extraordinaries. With the intention of asking directions, Aleasya entered the shop.

    Chapter 2 – Trulo

    Alice was marvelous. The short, thin woman was dressed in a red silk Chinese gown with a golden phoenix embroidered across it. Two amber spears pierced her strawberry hair, wound on top of her head. Gold earrings hung like small chandeliers from each ear, and pale blue glasses with silver stars perched on her pointed nose. Her small blue eyes grew round on seeing Aleasya.

    Welcome. Welcome. Welcome, she said, with a sweep of her long Mandarin sleeves. I'm sure I have whatever you need.

    I'm looking for Trafalgar Square.

    No, you're not. Not really. You don’t really want to go to Trafalgar Square. I mean it's all right in a pinch. It's someplace to go. But you're really going somewhere else, and you are already someplace else.

    Before Aleasya could voice an objection, Alice had her by the arm and gave her the grand tour of the shop. The woman was intriguing to say the least. The many rooms and floors in the store were surprising, especially since it looked so small from the outside. Everything imaginable was eclectically placed, as if their arrangement was natural.

    I know what you're thinking, my dear. As they say, looks can be deceiving. But forget all that, and enjoy the possibilities. There are so many possibilities.

    Picking up what appeared to be an ordinary scarf, Alice draped Aleasya in its endless folds. Beautiful. Wrap it around yourself and it becomes a gown that shimmers with a thousand lights. Sometimes it's gold, sometimes blue. By its ever-changing hue, it reflects your mood back to you. Well, what do you think then?

    Alice caught up Aleasya’s long black hair into a lovely twist held by an emerald comb, then spun her before a full-length mirror framed by Egyptian hieroglyphics. Aleasya couldn’t believe what she saw in the mirror. It was like looking at a princess of some exotic land.

    Stunning, don't you think? I will give you a good price. So few can wear a Riesl and carry it off the way you do. I'll throw in the comb as well in the bargain. Really, my dear, I hope you're not offended, but you wear the clothes of an older woman without style, and you're a young woman. You sparkle in this. I believe by wearing the Riesl, you could get any man you wanted.

    A minute later, Aleasya placed what looked like an ordinary scarf and comb back into Alice's hands. I'm not interested in getting a man at the moment.

    Then she saw them, a display of four dragon sculptures, all brilliantly hand-painted.

    You like dragons, my dear? Alice stared at her.

    Aleasya felt uncomfortable, as if there was a secret she was not privy to.

    Yes, very much. She wanted the dragons, but before she could ask the price, Alice swung her around.

    Why hadn't I realized it before? Of course! It’s clear to me now. Perhaps you should see this.

    Alice took her over to a table where a dark blue cloth covered a birdcage. This, she said, is a Lyra.

    With a sweep of her hand, she pulled off the cover revealing what seemed at first glance to be a small blue and gold bird.

    Aleasya looked again. With her heart caught in her throat, she couldn't breathe only gasp. She couldn't believe her eyes, and couldn’t take her eyes off it. How could it be true? How could she believe? Looking right at the creature, how dare she not?

    Are you all right, my dear? Alice asked.

    Aleasya nodded and gave her ring a spin. The ring hummed. Remembering her father made her feel grounded.

    You're wearing a dragon prayer ring!

    Yes, it was a gift from my father. He got it on a trip to Tibet. It has two parts; the outer part spins. Returning to the subject at hand, she asked, Is it really a dragon?

    It is, Alice answered. Hush, it's waking. You want to be polite now. After all, you're just meeting. The little animal stirred and stretched out its wings. These weren't feathered golden wings but smooth and stretched like a bat. Tiny bright blue scales covered the body and head. Gold talons gripped the bars of the birdcage, and two golden eyes now fixed on her. The small creature hopped over to the closest bar. When Aleasya stepped closer for a better look, the dragon tilted its head.

    The beauty and wonder of what only could be a dragon transfixed her. Here was the creature of her dreams. Everything she knew to be real said this couldn't be happening. But her heart knew better, and Aleasya fell completely in love with this perfectly wonderful being. She couldn’t stop trembling with excitement.

    The dragon trembled too.

    The Lyra is the smallest known dragon in the world, Alice continued. They are nearly extinct in the wild, found in only a few remote locations. The Lyra is famous for its song, which is said to give the listener pure ecstasy. This Lyra has not sung since arriving in my store. The legends say that when a bond is made between the Lyra and its human companion, the Lyra will love that person with great devotion all of its natural life. Although small, it is fierce in protecting its companion. The Lyra loves its human so much, that if it is rejected, it will die from a broken heart.

    A tiny but long forked tongue flicked through the cage bars and licked Aleasya’s hand. It was exactly like her dreams. Her gaze locked with the dragon’s, and something deep inside clicked. But she was afraid.

    Don't people find having a dragon in a birdcage as strange?

    People? People don’t notice their feet. Most people would look into this cage and see a small parrot.

    But how would one care for it?

    Lyras are very easy pets. You keep the cage door ajar near an open window, and it takes care of itself. It is one of the cleanest creatures on earth. It eats small snakes, rodents, and insects. You do have to leave out a saucer of water for it, or an occasional saucer of milk for a treat. Lyras are very easy to please.

    Do Lyras breathe fire?

    Only when provoked, Alice said.

    Dark memories crashed down on her. I can't do this. Backing into another room, Aleasya felt the tears coming, the pain happening all over again. I can't buy a pet. I'm a tourist. I have no way of transporting it home. I must leave now. She rushed for the door.

    Then the most beautiful sound stopped her where she stood, unable to move, so captivated by the most exquisite song. It floated over her like a tropical breeze, a memory of spring in the mountains, a rainbow on a waterfall. They both looked back in the direction of the Lyra.

    Oh, my. It's singing for you, my dear.

    I can't, was all Aleasya could manage as she ran out the door and down the street.

    Alice called after her, If the Lyra loves you, it will die without you.

    Making wild turns down empty streets before finally coming to a busy thoroughfare, she arrived at the London on the map. Wiping her face with her hand, Aleasya tried to take in the normalcy around her. King's Cross Station was across the street. When a bus stopped in front of her, she climbed aboard. Minutes later, she was safe at the hotel again.

    Walking through the elegant hallway to her room, Aleasya breathed a sigh of relief. This was real. This was London. Still she couldn't help but ask herself, what was that?

    Obviously she had gotten lost and confused, that’s all. Aleasya put on the television. Yes, everything was the way it should be. The clock in the room chimed four o'clock, and she collapsed into bed exhausted by the experience. It was all her imagination. That was the only explanation. Grief had made her nuts. A dragon? How ridiculous.


    Sleep took her in its arms and sang a song as she plunged into dreaming.

    At first the song was sad. The world that opened before her eyes was lonely and locked. She moaned and looked around the padded room. I'm not crazy. Let me out, her eight-year-old self shouted over and over. They wouldn't listen. Aleasya stopped shouting.

    Her grandmother hated dragons. Aleasya could still hear her shrieking, could still hear the crash of her dragon collection as it struck the floor. Terror ripped through her. Strange men tied her down to a gurney. An envelope changed hands. Her grandmother said, She’s a danger to herself and others. The man with the envelope winked.

    If only her dad would come, she whimpered and cried. Aleasya wept for hours and then days, until she grew silent within herself. On the eighth day, she wished she could die.

    Henry Fallon arrived like a storm, bellowing that her grandmother was not her legal guardian. He came into the room, lifted her up into his arms, and took her home.

    It rained. Lightning like jagged fingers touched the ground in places. Her grandmother was gone, but the house still reeked of her evil.

    I promise you'll never see your grandmother again. I can't forgive her for what she did to you. He hugged her close.

    Aleasya looked up at her father. Please, take me away from here.

    Let's pack. We'll leave in the morning. Oh, I want to show you something I got for you from Tibet. He pulled a small box from his suitcase. Then he unfolded the paper like a lotus and in its center was the most exquisite dragon statue she’d ever seen.

    Aleasya broke into a smile. Papa, there's something you need to see too. Taking his hand, she led him out the back door into the woods and down the path to the brook. But on its banks, only trees, lightning, and stinging rain greeted her.

    I don't understand. She was right here. She's been here for years.


    Old Green, the dragon.

    Her father walked around examining the ground, but the rain had washed away any trace of the dragon. Could he believe her without any proof?

    She was right here.

    Maybe she left, because it’s no longer safe, Aleasya. Maybe that's a hint for us to leave too. I wish I had known about her. I've wanted my whole life to see a dragon.

    Aleasya needed someone else to see the dragon. What if her father loved her so much that he was lying, and he didn't believe her at all? What if he wanted to believe? She didn't know which was worse: her being crazy or both of them being the same kind of crazy. If she could find proof, it meant dragons were real. But there was nothing. As the rain came down, she sat in the mud and cried.

    A song floated through Aleasya's head and washed that dream away. The music called to her like a flute, then like a thousand violins in perfect harmony.

    Her vision focused on a beautiful room with stone walls and tapestries. On the high, domed ceiling was a night sky ablaze with stars, constellations, and comets. An arched window gazed over the pastures and mountains in the distance. A large gold harp and a six-footed gold stool awaited her in the center of the room.

    Aleasya didn't know how to play the harp, but she sat down and her fingers knew their way. She heard a whistle and a Lyra flew over and perched on her shoulder. It sang as she played. Ecstasy flowed through Aleasya, relieving her distress of the day and filling her heart with immense joy. Then the song changed to the one she had heard in dream after dream. She woke with a jolt.


    It was disappointing to wake in a hotel room. The dream seemed so real. Oh, God! What had she done? Aleasya held her head in despair. She had received a gift that day and thrown it away. She wasn't crazy. And if she was, then damn everything normal. Who would want anything normal with dragons in the world? The Lyra was real!

    She sat up. The small clock on the nightstand read nine o'clock. The sky was already dark, but she had to get back to the shop. Aleasya couldn't let that little creature die. No one else she loved could die. She wouldn’t allow it.

    Grabbing her purse with one hand and her coat with the other, Aleasya hurried out and down the hall to the stairway skipping the elevator. At the front entrance, the doorman flagged a cab.

    King’s Cross Station, please.

    Arriving, she left the cab and rushed across the street. Another taxi stopped near her. A man got out but walked in the opposite direction. Aleasya felt that old familiar fear. Then it was gone. Now she put her attention on the Lyra. It would die without her. Attempting to re-create her steps, she entered the dark alley determined to find the shop. With the streetlights off, she made her way by moonlight. Her eyes darted back and forth. Her heart pounded.

    A large man in a dark suit and coat stepped in front of her. Aleasya ran. He cut her off. With one punch to the stomach, he knocked her to the ground. Panting for air through the pain, she struggled to get up. He grabbed her and pulled her into the shadows. Aleasya kicked him. She hit him. He hit her. She bit him. He punched her in the stomach again and knocked her into a wall. Aleasya tried to get up. He punched her in the face, and she crumbled in the dirt and rubble. Her purse fell inches away.

    There’s my purse. Take it. Just take it.

    But he didn’t take it. He didn’t say a word. He reached down for her instead. Aleasya knew, and what she knew struck her with stark cold horror. He raised a long knife above her head. She clawed at his face and kicked with all her strength.

    Against the moon was a flash of gold. Flames danced around the man's head. His hair and clothes caught fire. He screamed and ran into the street. Everything he touched caught fire.

    Aleasya got up and ran down one alley and then the next. She fell into a doorway. She couldn’t stop the tears or shaking. Wings fluttered, and Aleasya looked up. The small blue and gold dragon hovered in the moonlight inches from her. He dropped her purse into her hands.

    You did that for me, didn't you? You saved me.

    The dragon trilled a happy little song.

    Tears glistened on Aleasya’s face. Thank you. I was coming to get you.

    The dragon whistled.

    When Aleasya held out her arm, the Lyra landed. Its talons pierced the cloth of her coat as he climbed up her arm, settling on her shoulder. It nuzzled her hair, and Aleasya laughed.

    I think you're a male dragon.

    The Lyra whistled, and then it sang. The notes formed a word. It sounded like Trulo.

    Is your name Trulo?

    Again the Lyra whistled.

    Okay, Trulo. I'm Aleasya Anne Fallon. My dad used to dream about dragons, and he would have loved meeting you. She stepped out of the doorway. Well, we’d better go see Alice.

    As if Trulo knew what she wanted, he flew off and she followed. After many turns, they reached Alice's Antiquities and Extraordinaries. The shop was dark, but Aleasya with Trulo perched on her shoulder knocked at the door until a light came on.

    Well, I am surprised! Alice stood, draped in a moon and star cape. I’m glad he found you. Please, come in. She locked the door behind them. Never can tell what evil lurks in the city at night. She ushered Aleasya into a room she hadn’t seen before. "I had to let him find you. He sang the saddest song. I thought he’d die. He never goes far from the shop, because he’s bound by a promise to stay, but I had to release him. He’d seen you, and I knew this was different. If I didn’t, he’d die, and I’m so glad I did.

    Aleasya turned to face Alice.

    Oh my, are you all right? You look pale, and bruised and bleeding. Should I call the authorities, dear?

    No, it’s all right. I’ll recover.

    Alice rushed away and returned with a wet cloth, bandages, and a whole emergency kit. After tending to Aleasya’s obvious injuries, she put a bandage on her head and one on her arm. Perhaps I should call a doctor for you.

    No really, I’m fine now. Thank you for your care. I just came to pay you for Trulo. I would like to buy supplies for him too.

    I see he's told you his name. Please, come this way. There is a book on Lyra care, and a small dragon grooming kit, which I believe is just his size, and his cage of course.

    I'd like to buy that Riesl too.

    Alice was beside herself with good humor and cheer. Of course, my dear, you are so stunning wearing it, and I'll throw in the comb for good measure. Now let's add it all up. Good things don't come cheap, and there's the cost of the Lyra. It's rare you know.

    Trulo made a sound somewhere between a purr and a trill.

    Do you take credit cards? Aleasya offered hers. She was a little concerned that another dimension might not.

    I take every credit card imaginable including the Bangkok Coral. I’ll call for authorization. Alice took the card and gasped. You're a Fallon!

    Is something wrong?

    You can't be a Fallon.

    Excuse me?

    The Fallons were the first family of dragonkeepers in the UK, and Lord James Fallon of Skye Over who was the last Fallon in his line died three years ago today.

    What do you mean ‘dragonkeepers’?

    Those dedicated to the care and protection of dragons. In considering dragonkeepers worldwide, the Fallons of Skye Over in Scotland were the greatest dragonkeepers of all. My dear, are you really a Fallon?

    Aleasya hesitated before answering. Trulo nuzzled Aleasya's hair. Yes, my father was a Fallon.

    Was he related to Lord Fallon?

    I don't know. My father came to America when he was four after his parents’ divorce. He was born in London, but I didn't know he had any family here.

    Is that why you came to London? Alice asked.

    I'm not sure why I came. I had a strange dream. When I woke, I packed and got on a plane for London.

    Just like that?

    Yes, just like that. Aleasya did not want to add the rest of the story. Trulo whistled long and clear, as if adding his own comment on the mystery.

    My dear, may I inquire as to your father’s name?

    Again Aleasya hesitated. She didn’t know if it was wise to answer considering the danger she lived in on a daily basis. Trulo hummed in her ear, as if to reassure her.

    His name was Henry Fallon.

    Oh, my, Alice said. Well, then I must show you this. She took Aleasya by the hand and hurried her up several flights of stairs. When they reached the top, she lit a lantern. A small bright blue cloth emblazoned with a golden harp and a dragon was draped over a chair. Alice handed it to Aleasya.

    It’s a baby blanket belonging to the Fallons. In my heart, I’ve never been able to sell it. Since it belongs to your family, my dear, I'm giving it to you. I found it at an auction in France.

    Thank you. Aleasya was stunned but then spotted the large harp on the other side of the room. It reminded her of the one in her dream.

    I want to buy that harp with its case, if it can be delivered to my hotel.

    Easily done, dear. Do you play the harp?

    No, but I will. Aleasya didn't even want to think how nonsensical that sounded.

    They went back downstairs to finish the transaction.

    Alice looked hard at the card before handing it back. How do you pronounce your first name?

    Aleasya smiled. This was a question seldom asked. "The first syllable is a soft a, followed by lee, long e, then a soft a again, and sa. Aleasya."

    Sounds like an ancient name from the dragon language. A dragonkeeper’s name.

    Alice, you think I’m one of the Fallon dragonkeepers?

    It doesn’t matter what I think. It’s what Trulo thinks. He knew you the moment he saw you, she said with a glorious grin.

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