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Ghost at the Prom
Ghost at the Prom
Ghost at the Prom
Ebook219 pages3 hours

Ghost at the Prom

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About this ebook

At the high school prom, sixteen-year-old psychic medium Nick Michelson notices a frightening ghost who seems to be haunting a boy from another school. The spirit threatens Nick and warns Nick not to come near him or the boy again.

Nick does a little investigating and discovers that the boy, whose name is Tyler, lost his boyfriend in a drowning accident a year ago. Now Tyler is overcome by grief and apparently is also being haunted by his dead boyfriend.

Nick decides to try to help the two of them and, in the process, uncovers several secrets surrounding the ghost's untimely demise.

Meanwhile, the Shadow Demon has come to Gallowspine Mountains and has made itself known to Nick. The question is, why?

Release dateJun 18, 2021
Ghost at the Prom
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Roger Hyttinen

Roger Hyttinen a fiction author of titles including A Clash of Fangs and A Touch of Cedar. His latest projects include a YA series featuring a high school medium who read Tarot cards and a Werewolf novel featuring a handsome prince, all of which should be released later this year. He has a Master's degree in Foreign Language & Literature and has worked as a French teacher, an English teacher, a technical writer, and a computer programmer. He currently lives in the chilly midwest with hopes of eventually moving about 1200 miles south.

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