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The Perfumed Air at Kwaanantag Bay: The Shaper's World Cycle, #2
The Perfumed Air at Kwaanantag Bay: The Shaper's World Cycle, #2
The Perfumed Air at Kwaanantag Bay: The Shaper's World Cycle, #2
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The Perfumed Air at Kwaanantag Bay: The Shaper's World Cycle, #2

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About this ebook

In this literary fantasy novelette, three exiled travelers, Kug, Agane, and Dennick, have traveled across the continent of Kaebrith, far from the home from which they've been exiled, searching for the healer who can cure Agane of a devastating illness.

But an unexpected development forces difficult choices. Can they face the consequences of the past in order to have any kind of future?

THE PERFUMED AIR AT KWAANANTAG BAY is a character-driven, literary, low fantasy set in The Shaper's World, the original storyworld introduced in the novel LIGHT OF THE OUTSIDER. THE PERFUMED AIR AT KWAANANTAG BAY includes characters featured in LIGHT OF THE OUTSIDER, but you don't have to have read that novel to enjoy this novelette... although your experience may be enhanced if you have.

PublisherMWS Media
Release dateApr 6, 2021
The Perfumed Air at Kwaanantag Bay: The Shaper's World Cycle, #2
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    Book preview

    The Perfumed Air at Kwaanantag Bay - Matthew Wayne Selznick

    The Perfumed Air at Kwaanantag Bay


    Matthew Wayne Selznick

    A Tale of the Shaper's World Cycle


    The Perfumed Air at Kwaanantag Bay

    Published by Matthew Wayne Selznick / MWS Media, United States of America.

    First electronic edition

    First published: March, 2021

    This book is a work of fiction. Any similarity with any person, entity, location, or institution is unintentional and coincidental.

    Copyright © 2021 Matthew Wayne Selznick

    The Shaper's World, Old Mound, Kug, Dennick, Agane, and related characters, entities, locations, and institutions are trade marks of Matthew Wayne Selznick. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

    All Rights Reserved. No part of the publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission requests, write the publisher at mwsmedia@gmail.com with the subject line Attention: Permissions Coordinator.

    Cover and interior designed by Matthew Wayne Selznick

    This e-book is provided without Digital Rights Management restrictions. It is intended for the person who purchased it. If you received this e-book through unauthorized file sharing or other methods counter to the author and publisher's intention, please consider purchasing a copy or contributing $3.00 to Matthew Wayne Selznick to help offset the hundreds of hours spent conceiving, writing, and producing this creative endeavor. Find out how: mwsmedia@gmail.com.

    Find a typo, continuity error, or other mistakes? Please contact MWS Media at mwsmedia@gmail.com and let the publisher know! We’ll confirm it and, if applicable, correct the error as soon as possible. Thanks!


    For the survivors.


    Agane met every day of exile with anticipation and grateful delight.

    Each bright tahwake promised novelty and beauty. Delicious uncertainty. New vistas, new sounds and smells, and colors, and light.

    The wide world!

    Nearly the breadth of Kaebrith these past twenty-odd tala; by cabinwagon and boat and fieldtrodder and, when her illness insisted, in the cradle of Dennick's arms, she had watched it and felt it and breathed it all in.

    All these days, tahwake to tahrest, Tala racing and skipping forth and back between the uncountable embers of the night sky… all these generous days with her heartfast at her side, he often taciturn, sometimes garrulous, always tender, careful, and brave. So brave.

    Back in Aenikantag, where she had been caged in their home as her freedom and independence contracted, she had raged against the path she trod, crowded by the progression of the illness that held her in place body and mind and heart alike.

    Now, Agane accepted and even embraced the toll each day demanded. Their home was this cabinwagon, and the road Dennick so gingerly navigated, and the land… and no matter how much infirmary and pain the Wasting delivered, there were always, everywhere, opportunities for joy.

    They were nearly to Old Mound at last, where Kug believed they would find the magn from his youthful past. This memory of Kug’s, Nakanin, had been trained by a wisdom rider from the Alliance of Clans, and his faith that she could cure Agane was resolute.

    So their exile was more than a surprising and fortuitous gift of experience. It was a quest.

    Especially for Dennick and Kug.

    Agane was far from certain this magn, if indeed, she could be tracked through the overgrown paths of Kug's thirty year-old recollection, could do anything for her at all.

    The journey was enough.


    She imagined the atrophied cords of her neck and thinning bones of her spine moving her head to look at her heartfast sitting beside her on the wagon bench. Slowly, her wasted flesh grudgingly consented to her intention.

    Dennick watched the road, carefully guiding their plainstrodders even as he chatted with her and Kug, who strode alongside the wagon.

    Dennick, she knew, held fast to faith.

    That, Agane understood, made Kug nervous, though their friend hid it well.

    Agane loved Dennick. What else could she do, in love, other than allow his hope to steer them all? His purpose kept him strong, and safe.

    If Kug's healer could be found—if the magn had the lore Kug so confidently assigned her—then it was no folly to believe.

    If not…


    Agane was grateful for these days.


    Dennick kept his eyes on the road and his hands on the reins, but his attention focused on Agane, sitting next to him on the wagon bench.

    He did not think she was conscious of how every bump or groove in the road drew from her a soft grunt, often through pursed lips, or past a smile made subtly thin and pale.

    So Dennick did all he could to spot rough patches on the road ahead and coax their little team of two plainstrodders to veer just enough that the wheels of the wagon kept to the

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