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Nothingness and Somethingness
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How could an ignorant, insane, inane, incapable creature talk about spiritual, immaterial, nonphysical sign that requires highly rational, intellectual, celestial, transcendental energy, which prerequisites delicate extramentality impressions beyond mundane entity? We have killed humanity in the name of humanity, it is to the end of its last breath, and it is useless to attempt to save it. The question in debate is much more serious, complicated, and also obvious than we have realized. It is not just the question of who, or what we are, but how we have come into this world, and how we have lived without given it real earnest thought. How do we present, draw, or paint a colorless, weightless, countless, faceless, and faultless space? There are always emptiness, void, cavity, darkness, ignorance in the air, clear sky craving for life, and crying for help. Space the only unique element, is everywhere, covering everything indiscriminately offering freedom, and democracy only to enslave all for its purpose to show its true face, feature, and fable. The exact example of perfect nothingness is where, nothing can be found, nor a being exits, but in form of ignorance within emptiness of self. Everything is continuation of nothingness extended everywhere forever, it is the beginning, and the end of all things considered.If intelligence does not learn what nothingness is, it never reaches to other end to see somethingness.
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