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Fang Shen Do Training Guide: Volume # 1 is the first of an on-going series of training guides written by Fang Shen Do founder Sijo J. Patenaude. This guide covers the basic techniques and training that the beginner and intermediate student will require to understand and apply the upcoming advanced manuals. Fang Shen Do does not contain any aesthetic or tournament techniques, but concentrates on material that is easily applicable by all types of students. Fang Shen Do dedicates a significant amount of time to providing the student with instruction in goal setting, personal discovery process, progressive charts, growth pyramid and many other exercises designed for personal growth. This does not take away from the fact that the martial arts are based on self-defense. Fang Shen Do contains techniques and material from all of the six ranges of combat: weapons, kicking, punching, trapping and grappling and the often-misunderstood, physiological range. The result is a martial art that gains results for all the students that walk through our door.
Published: Trafford on
ISBN: 9781426952876
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