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Brooklyn native Sean L. Brereton delivers an intense and heartfelt work of verse in As Eye See the World. Drawing on experiences of his past, facts of his present, and dreams of his future, Brereton composes poems with themes of religious devotion and romantic love that truly capture the emotions of the human condition. His view of the world centers on putting God first and everything else as second, giving his work a deep sincerity.Brereton’s style is heavily influenced by song lyrics and rap, a style most notable in poems such as “You and I” and “You!”—verses deal with the heartache and uncertainty of relationships—as well as in the social commentary poem, “Bars.” In addition, Brereton’s flair for vivid imagery is displayed in “Trinidadian Rain Forest,” with its beautiful descriptions of a tropical paradise and in “If Angels Could Dream,” a touching love poem.Brereton’s unique voice gives this collection strength and power. Let yourself be inspired and encouraged with As Eye See the World.
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