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Thirty years ago black clouds covered the clear blue skies of Afghanistan. Like a severe storm along with strong winds, the Russian invasion started the rains of atrocities. Our homes and villages were destroyed. Over 2 million people who loved their country were tortured and killed.For the past three decades, millions of Afghans have had to make a choice – to join the Russian army forcibly under threat of death or to be ripped from the arms of their loved ones and leave their long established homes with painful tears and heartbreak. Incredible miseries and difficulties have been encountered by Afghans trying to get through deserts and mountains to the borders of Iran and Pakistan. Some who were financially able eventually came to Western countries.Afghans are still suffering from the aftermath of these black storms which have left them struggling to live under torn tents. These people, especially the children, are hungry and barefoot with a lack of education and safety, terrified to return or stay in unsafe Afghanistan. A couple of stories in this book express the traditional rules of our society that turn into unfortunate situations.The Only Candle is a book of gripping stories that try to illustrate the miseries of a basically peaceful nation that faces torture and death daily under Communist intolerance.The people of Afghanistan are looking forward to get their country back with peace, human rights, economic infrastructure, social justice and a democracy allowing them to choose the government of their choice.
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