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W Modern-Day Sufi e all need a little help and guidance at some point or another in our lives.In that respect it can be said that we all bear the same cross, but whatI believe is crucial for humanity, particularly now, is that the help andguidance that we do receive allows us to grow and evolve unhindered by what I often regardas antiquated rules and regulations that merely profess to have our best interests at heart.This is not a book about how to become someone; it is a book about rediscovering who youalready are, and that, my friends, is perhaps humanity’s greatest challenge yet, for there arevery few who have managed to reach the lofty heights of self-recognition in this reality! Andwhether the catalyst be my simple words, or another’s, it is ultimately only ever you who cansuccessfully achieve this goal. You are your greatest advocate . . . and you are your greatestadversary! It is up to you to choose which one you will be. This book is an observation ofwhat we as individuals make of this wondrous thing we call life, and how, based largelyupon other’s often distorted and fearful viewpoints of life, we set about creating our ownexperiences of it. I have so named the book for the simple reason that we all fall prey to theself-limiting beliefs and systems of this reality to some degree or another, and we all tendto ‘buy into’ them with equally determined alacrity, often convincing ourselves that we haveno choice and that we must make the best of what we have. Unfortunately, this also leavesno room for doubt that it all may just be some grand hoax orchestrated on the part of thosewith the power and the wisdom to know better. I no longer believe in this reality. We allhave a choice, and through the following observations it is my deepest heartfelt desire thatwe all discover this simple truth, before it is too late! Christine Webster.
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