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Weight Loss Fitness Tracker Planner Journal: Easy Weight Loss
Weight Loss Fitness Tracker Planner Journal: Easy Weight Loss
Weight Loss Fitness Tracker Planner Journal: Easy Weight Loss
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Weight Loss Fitness Tracker Planner Journal: Easy Weight Loss

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About this ebook

When you measure something, you tend to pay attention to it. When you record something, write something down in a journal or notebook, or otherwise monitor the progress of anything you do, you increase your level of control over it. This not only shows you how far you have to go to achieve a particular goal or set of results, it also reinforces sticking to a regular schedule.
You are naturally more inclined to adhere to a regular workout schedule when you keep an exercise journal. A written out budget has been proven to lead to more financial security and savings than handling your finances without a written plan and record. Any plan of action you undertake has a better chance of delivering the results you're looking for when you routinely record your efforts and progress.
This is why journaling your whole foods weight loss journey
can dramatically improve your results.
Your Brain Is Begging You to Journal
Did you know that the human brain is hardwired for keeping records? It's true. The human mind craves order and repetition. It especially likes it when you do the same thing at the same time, on a regular schedule. This improves the success rate of everything you undertake, because of the difference between the processing power of your conscious and subconscious minds.
 However if one takes up the practice , after a short period of time, conscious habits are directed to the unconscious part of your brain. You do something enough, over and over, on a given routine or schedule, and your conscious brain sends the task to your subconscious.
Your consciousness has noticed that this is something that doesn't need to be focused on. You have done it again and again, regularly and repetitively, so your brain instantly realizes no conscious effort or focus is needed. Since the conscious part of your mind cannot  handle  too much information at once, it is more than happy to give the task over to the incredible processing power of your subconscious.
By weight loss fitness  journaling on a regular schedule, your conscious behaviors eventually become unconscious. That means your subconscious brain automatically prepares your body and mind for whatever your journaling requires, the next time a regularly scheduled food journal session arises.
How Tracking Progress Makes It Easier
Now comes the exciting part. You plan to start keeping a  weight loss -fitness   journal that focuses on eating whole foods and  maintaining  fitness exercises for weight loss. You want to eat more healthier foods, while cutting back on the types of foods and beverages that are not that good for you. You plan on sticking to a  diet accompanied with a fitness exercise routine  for at least 30 days. You have this journal, and start tracking  and monitor s how it affects you.
When your desire is to lose weight, you will begin to notice food consumption and exercise  patterns where your  routine  behavior either causes your body weight to rise or fall. With your conscious effort on losing weight, your focus will tend towards what eating behaviors and your physical training schedule at different timing , and types of “clean” whole foods and different  exercise routine schedule - ,results  and  lead you in that direction, and away from weight gain.
So you begin reschedule your  tracked exercise program  and  eating concisely based on your tracker performance . . You journal your results, and you begin to notice your weight loss progression increasing and doing the right exercise with a proven track measurement 
Release dateAug 24, 2021
Weight Loss Fitness Tracker Planner Journal: Easy Weight Loss
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