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Adventures with Grandma
Adventures with Grandma
Adventures with Grandma
Ebook90 pages46 minutes

Adventures with Grandma

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About this ebook

Andrea and Jamie, 9 and 7 years old, are siblings, and this summer they’re going to spend a few days with their grandmother because their parents have won a raffle and are going on a trip.

Their parents’ instructions are very clear: “Be very good,” “Take good care of Grandma,” and “Grandma is very old, look after her.”

However, left alone with their grandmother, Andrea and Jamie are in for a huge surprise. Grandma may not be as boring as they had thought after all ...

A fun book with humor, action and adventure for boys and girls!

Recommended reading for children aged 7 and up.

Release dateSep 3, 2021
Adventures with Grandma
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Rating: 0 out of 5 stars
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    Book preview

    Adventures with Grandma - A.P. Hernández


    Andrea and Jamie are siblings.

    They go to the same school and they both love Physical Education and Music. They are their favorite subjects.

    Andrea and Jamie also have a lot of things in common. They both like macaroni with tomato sauce, video games, and swimming at the beach.

    They look quite similar too. They don’t have the same face, mind you, but if you saw them, you’d realize fairly quickly they were brother and sister. That’s because they have the same eye color (brown) and the same nose. However, Andrea has long blonde hair and Jamie has short brown hair.

    Andrea is Jamie’s older sister. She’s nine years old and is in grade four.

    That means that Jamie is the youngest in their family. He’s seven years old.

    In addition to being siblings, they are best friends. As long as they’re together, they never get bored. They play video games, chess, cards and table tennis together, they run races in their garden and, when they’ve run out of ideas of things to do, they invent new words for their language.

    Yes, that’s right.

    Andrea and Jamie have a language that only the two of them speak.

    They write down all the words they make up in a notebook and they only have three blank sheets left!

    Their language is called SingsongPUM. It’s beautiful and very expressive. It sounds nice too.

    You’ll see!

    ✓  For dog, they say Gwup.

    ✓  A cat is called Miaowsu.

    ✓  A tree is a Ramol.

    ✓  And for I’m hungry, they say Yumyum yaka.

    Get it?

    It’s a lovely language. When they’re older, they want to teach it to people. Maybe, if they’re lucky, they’ll even become famous for it.

    Right now Andrea and Jamie are having fun making fresh lemonade. You know, in summer there’s nothing better than a good, very cold, glass of lemonade with a little bit of sugar and some solid ice cubes.

    And if you serve it in a very thick glass, well then, so much the better.

    Andrea and Jamie plan to spend a lazy afternoon. They have everything they need: a glass pitcher full of lemonade and the Monopoly game in the center of the table.


    They pour lemonade into their glasses, make a toast and ...

    Children? It’s their Mom. She has just appeared at the door. I’ve got something to tell you!

    Andrea and Jamie, who are very obedient, take a quick sip of their lemonade (which is DE - LI - CI - OUS) and get ready to listen.

    What’s up, Mom?

    Raquel (that’s their mother’s name) smiles at them as she leans against the wall.

    Well, you see ... your father and I are going away for a few days.

    Andrea opens her eyes wide and Jamie opens his mouth, horrified.

    You’re going away? But where? Why? What’s happening?

    Their mother caresses Jamie’s chin reassuringly.

    Don’t worry, it’s nothing bad, she tells them. The thing is, your father and I won a raffle.

    Andrea and Jamie grin from ear to ear.

    Yippee! What’s the prize? Jamie wants to know. A million euros? Are we rich?

    Their mother laughs.

    Goodness! What an imagination you have! We won a trip for two. We’re going to Warsaw.

    The children’s faces fall.

    For two ... but ... but ... There are four of us: you, dad, Andrea and me. Four! Jamie’s on the verge of tears. What’s going to happen to us?

    Their mother purses her lips.

    I’m sorry, but you can’t come with us. It’s impossible. We’ve already called the airline and the hotel where we’ll be staying and everything’s full ... I’m afraid you’ll have to stay with Grandma.


    Jamie’s upset.

    It’s not fair! I want to go, too.

    His bad temper has even taken away his appetite for lemonade.

    You shouldn’t be so selfish, Andrea reproaches him. She has already drunk all her lemonade. "You should be happy for Mom and Dad. They won

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