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Historical & Scriptural information opens up the history of Satan while avoiding use of tradition, fear and imagination. Poelman provides harmonious answers in the context of God’s love and purpose that reveals how truth, righteousness, justice, love & etc., are the 'links' of the symbolic 'chain', which gradually binds evil, Satan, Devil, Serpent and Dragon as the Gospel Age metamorphoses into the Kingdom of God. Willing hearts, overcoming fear, anger, guilt, hate, greed, prejudice, jealousy, in the Lord's spirit causes evil to fade from society, bringing Jesus the Christ’s Kingdom into existance. It is God's spirit of truth, peace, justice, righteousness, love and mercy manifested through people creating or supporting numerous financial, mental, medical, physical, civil and religious changes countering the evils effecting mankind, which improves the well-being of all, thus bringing the kingdom of Jesus the Christ into existence. Therefore 'evil'; the Apostle John calls it Satan, Devil, Serpent, Dragon, (Rev. 12:9) conceived in the minds of men, which has brought neighbor against neighbor, nation against nation and Christian's against Christian's is being overcome, for today, evil is being revealed, identified and gradually bound as the Kingdom of Jesus the Christ grows to eventually cover the earth by the end of a thousand years of restitution. Acts 3:20,21.
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