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Revelation of the Bible: The Book of Genesis is the first volume in a series on biblical revelations offering timely insights into the world and revealing the prophecies of Jacob. Author Moshe Ben Yoseph HaLevi identifies the Messiah out of the house of Judah. This volume explores creation from both scientific and biblical perspectives. The secrets of creation are examined along with the meaning of life, the location of the Garden of Eden, and the story of Adam and Eve. What is the meaning of the tree of knowledge and who are the children of God? HaLevi provides a detailed analysis of the seven names of God and their meanings as well as the selection of Abraham as God's chosen person. He follows the Hebrew text of Genesis and in some cases paraphrases the specific content for clarity. He has not included any English translations of the Hebrew text because he believes that there are many such translations that vary too widely in their interpretations. Revelation of the Bible offers rare insights into the book of Genesis based upon the Kabbalah and scientific scrutiny.
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