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Since the recession and after losing her job, the author decided to take charge of her life, made some compelling changes.She hates to lose at any opportunity ahead of her, with her struggles of traveling different places to look for work, moving from job to job it seems impossible to survive.This prepared her to do anything in her power to take risk in order to survive in this economy.It is impossible not to read this book to become the winner at anything and to guide us through the dark and dismal time this country is coping with, such as an economic breakthrough losing all we have worked so hard to achieve.Taking charge of her life was a challenge in itself, but understanding the power of her mindset she moved on to a road of a different path.How to be prosperous again, one must be resilient and be ready to accept that attaching oneself emotionally to material gain is not only destructive to your health, but it will destroy the power of thinking.“A motivational book must read for today’s Americans,” to overcome fear and adversity so you can attain your goal, taking charge, and taking back your prosperity.
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781456892494
List price: $9.99
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