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A WIDOW HITS THE ROAD TO OUTRUN HER BILLS AND AIDED BY A MOBSTER AND A TIGER, FINDS THE ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME. At fifty-eight, Jane wins a facelift and a gym membership in a radio contest. With a tight face that matches her tight body, she is looking forward to many lively years to come. Two years later, she is widowed, broke, and ready to trade her old life as a trauma nurse for a converted tour bus and life on the road. Unbeknownst to Jane, she is about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Jane soon meets a couple in an RV park who, after learning she is a licensed pilot, approach her with a tempting offer. Three days later, she is headed into Mexico to do a plane pickup worth thirty thousand dollars. But then she meets her escort, a mobster who hates his job, and everything changes. Together they are cast into a series of incidents that convince Jane that more than one person wants her dead. In this zany dark comedy of adventure and strange events, the runaway widow and the unfulfilled gangster must battle dangerous criminals and weird predicaments in order to win a second chance at life—which will only happen if magic is real.
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ISBN: 9781462002948
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