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Eyesight is one of our most precious possessions, and it lets us enjoy our life to the fullest and appreciate the world around us. We use our eyes every day, but we don’t think much about how they work.Written by two experts on the eye, Our Eyes and Our Vision explains the miracle of eyesight. You’ll discover what can go wrong with your vision, how to prevent and cure problems, how ancient scholars treated ocular diseases, and what the future has in store for helping to protect and restore vision.Some eyesight problems can be prevented or corrected, but others can only be postponed. It’s critical to understand the landscape so that problems can be avoided or addressed as soon as possible.You’ll gain deep insights into how we see, and you’ll also learn how we’ve gained knowledge about treating eye diseases over the years. Whether you are a nurse, ophthalmology assistant, emergency medical technician, or just an average reader wanting to protect and restore your eyesight, you’ll be fascinated by Our Eyes and Our Vision.
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