I Am Bipolar Manic
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Tell someone you suffer from bipolar disorder, and that person may assume a great deal. For instance, he may want to call you crazy—inches away from your next psychological break or maybe even dangerous. These assumptions are thanks to media renditions of insane asylums and men in white coats. In the case of Mr. Kenneth Watson, none of these assumptions would be true, and yet he is bipolar manic.I Am Bipolar Manic is the true story of one man’s psychological journey. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder very late in life, Watson spent many years as a successful businessman in England before relocating to the United States. Once in America, his success continued. It was quite a shock when his bipolar diagnosis came to light in Watson’s seventies. Surprisingly, though, Watson considers his self-proclaimed “brain malfunction” to be a gift from God.Watson never has nightmares. He has mind power over physical pain, and he often finds himself floating on emotional highs. He has certainly made mistakes in his life, but no human being is infallible—including those suffering from bipolar disorder. I Am Bipolar Manic is a look into an aging psyche, still sharp as a tack, regardless of a so-called malfunction. Overcoming adversity is only the beginning of this inspiring tale.
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