Tales From The Pits
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What is it like to work inside a casino on the floor at one of the table games? Here is a brief view to give the run of the mill person a small glimpse of what really goes on at the table games from a floor person perspective. Greed, lust, deception, and personal hygiene (or not) play a major role when you throw the glitz and glamour of the gambling scene. When is enough, enough; what does money (around you all the time) lead the everyday person to do or not to do? How does the casino life effect someone who comes from a rural country family life setting? Well, venture inside and see what and how life can change in a blink of an eye and how it can change a persons personality not to mention the outcome of their life. Everything in life is said to be a crap shoot, well the dice aren’t always going to be on the up and up
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ISBN: 9781462855216
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