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Sekhm Energy Healing

Sekhm Energy Healing

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Sekhm Energy Healing

164 pages
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Dec 14, 2017


Egyptian Reiki system.This book contains a step by step instruction, guiding and telling you about distant healing. It gives the most effective symbols and visualizations which also include clear graphic images and different ways it can be used to heal. Not only that, it projects how crystals, your chakras, vital body points and lots more can be channeled into an ultimate healing source. Aside from this, the power of quantum concepts and the Egyptian chakra system (Kemetic) is also duly established.In this book, you will be enlightened on all the levels of initiation which will harmonize yourself and others into healing you and others from a distance. Levels I, II and IIIThe symbols projected in this book are powerful and are based on Egyptology and Extraterrestrial crop circles, how they can be drawn and how it work.Also, the first, second and third levels are shown alongside meditations to guide and support you on your journey through the distant healing.201 pages, with illustrations.

Dec 14, 2017

About the author

Sílvio Guerrinha is from Portugal, born in the year 1979, Capricorn. An avid reader, a professional writer and devoted researcher about Spiritual topics. He studied and practiced spiritualism and occultism since he was 17 years, learned about Chakras, Mesmerism and mediumship in a well-known Spiritism Center in his city, Sines, Allan Kardec Spiritism. He Studies and practices include meditation, magic, Egyptian Magic, Psychic development, crystal therapy, remote viewing, metaphysics, tarology, quantum physics. To solidify and test his own knowledge, he completed an online parapsychology course of 150 hours on 8 June, 2018, at the Centre of Excellence. Some of his areas of interest are: Spiritism, Umbanda (afro-Brazilian Spiritism), Shamanism, Metaphysics, Parapsychology, Ufology, Law of Attraction, Gnosis, Cosmopaganism, Synchromisticism, Egyptian and Sumerian mythology, occult symbology, Alchemy, Tarology, Poetry, Quantum Physics.

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Book Preview

Sekhm Energy Healing - Silvio Guerrinha


Sekhm Healing is a type of nonlocal healing. It works with subtle energies (universal energy known as Prana, or Sekhem/ Skhm in old Egypt) and operates through quantum entanglement between our biofields.

Before practicing our Healing System, it is recommended you know some basics about working with the chakras, human magnetism, and raising energy (prana, chi, sekhem).

This type of healing at distance is categorized by medical scientists (in their research studies) as Biofield Therapy or Energy Medicine. We like the term Nonlocal Healing.

Biofield therapies are non-invasive therapies in which the practitioner explicitly works with a client's biofield (interacting fields of energy and information that surround living systems) to stimulate healing responses in patients.

We send the energy to a focal point to produce positive effects.

Training in these practices is increasingly prevalent among healthcare professionals, and such practices are offered to patients in a limited number of clinical settings, including hospitals. At the end of this book, you can read a few medical studies about Distant Healing.

Our system is based on the original source, the ancient method of healing: Sekhem (SKHM), though it has many different names.

We also use extra-terrestrial symbols of the principal crop-circles.

Some people on the internet promote their Egyptian healing systems but use symbols from Mikao Usui reiki, which is contradictory. They are just copycats.

I assure you, this book is one of the most powerful and complete books you will read on this subject because it contains the real Egyptian (Kemetic) symbols and prayers, and includes methods for working with your chakras and raising your vibration!

We don’t make energy a business. We will not charge money for attunements.

We respect the universal energy, and we know how to harness and channel that energy with love and respect.

Sekhem is the universal and sentient energy, and the energy associated with the goddess Sekhmet (daughter of Ra).

In addition, Reiki is a lucrative business. If you want to take the initiation, it will be expensive. They charge a lot of money to send you universal energy (which is free energy). Here in Portugal, some Reiki Masters charge more than 120 euros for each level of teaching.

In our Sekhm Healing, you only need to pay for this book.

I will never charge money for energy or attunements.

Energy is free; the universe doesn’t charge us money to receive its energy. We cannot set up a business based on free energy.

We respect the universal energy, Sekhem, which is conscious energy. The universe is also Conscious.

David J. Chalmers of the University of Arizona has proposed that consciousness may be a fundamental property of the universe, not reducible to anything more elemental, not derivable from anything else.

For those who might think I have little experience, you are wrong.

I have studied and practiced spirituality since I was 16 years old. I frequented a spiritualist center, learned about chakras and mesmerism, I practised laying on hands healing (applied with hands, like reiki), I worked with crystal therapy, I published my own books, etc.

The Earth is changing, human consciousness is changing, and people are awakening.

We don’t like secrets; we don’t like Elitist groups who keep secrets from people to maintain the Power for themselves because they are afraid of losing it.

There is no need to be touched by the hands of a Master in your crown chakra. You weren’t born with any imperfection or closed chakra, and you were born to function properly. You receive energy from the source; we are all entangled.

You may stimulate your crown chakra with meditation, visualization, and crystals.

The goddess Nephthys (left) and the goddess Isis/ Auset (right) with hand gestures, sending vital energy to reanimate and resurrect Osiris (Ausar).

Everything is Energy

Quantum physics says that everything in the universe is pure energy; the only difference is the type of vibration.

Everything that exists is in energy form, from the physical dimension to where scientific instruments cannot measure the level of vibration.

Everything exists in the form of energy, from the densest to the subtlest in vibration.

The source of all is the Divine Mind.

The physical universe was created by the process of changing energy from one form to another.

What we call matter doesn’t exist, all matter arises and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom to vibrate and maintain balanced this miniature solar system that is the atom. We have to accept the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind behind this force.

Max Planck (Creator of Quantum Physics)

Change your mind set and align yourself with the Existence.

Everyday you wake up, thanks to the Universe, thanks to the Divinity.

The first time you see the Sun, in the morning, honour him.

Thu sun is the source of life on Earth, and the Sun irradiates light (information), heat and Energy (Prana, Sekhem).

Follow the 11 Universal Principles in your life.

Many of our emotions are programmed reactions to circumstances, these principles can deprogram and reprogram our reactions so we can instead respond in a way that is conducive to

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