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The Future of Sales: The 50+ Techniques, Tools, and Processes Used by Elite Salespeople
The Future of Sales: The 50+ Techniques, Tools, and Processes Used by Elite Salespeople
The Future of Sales: The 50+ Techniques, Tools, and Processes Used by Elite Salespeople
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The Future of Sales: The 50+ Techniques, Tools, and Processes Used by Elite Salespeople

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About this ebook

From bestselling author John Asher comes a breakthrough guide on how to connect with the burnt out buyer using both new iterations of his proven neuroscience sales techniques as well as groundbreaking techniques to address the new business landscape.

Focusing on both internal and external variables, The Future of Sales explores how to make a sale, grow your company, and comfort your client in times of uncertainty and change. Using the same scientific strategies that John Asher and his team created to break down The Neuroscience of Selling, The Future of Sales arms readers with techniques that are proven to once again explore the way that buyers buy, instinctually, so you can make a sale... this time exploring sales in times of great change, companies in crisis, and buyers who are in new (virtual) environments.

Release dateJan 1, 2022
The Future of Sales: The 50+ Techniques, Tools, and Processes Used by Elite Salespeople
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John Asher

John Asher is the author and developer of 15 different sales-related training manuals. This is John’s third published book on sales. His first book, How to Do Business with Western Companies, was co-authored with Simon Guo of Beijing and published in China in 2012 in Mandarin. The book was partially funded by two Chinese companies, Haier and Alibaba. It was a best seller in China and helped Alibaba and Haier grow to global powerhouses. His second book, Close Deals Faster sold out the first day it was available on Amazon, made the Hudson book stores best seller list, won an international book award as the best sales book of 2018, and was awarded the best book of 2018 by the American Book Fest. John and his team of 30 people in the US and China have trained over 80,000 salespeople from 22 countries.

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    The Future of Sales - John Asher

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    Chapter One: Radical and Permanent Changes in Buyer Behavior

    Chapter Two: Advanced Prospecting Technology

    Chapter Three: Two Advanced Techniques to Build Rapport and Trust

    Chapter Four: Performing a Needs Analysis and Offering a Compelling Solution

    Chapter Five: Advanced Techniques to Differentiate and Close the Sale

    Chapter Six: Fundamental Tools Needed for Sales Success

    Chapter Seven: Summing It All Up



    About the Author

    Back Cover

    This work is dedicated to the ASHER sales team who work with our prospects and clients to close deals faster.


    For the past several generations or so, there have been three types of sales:

    Sales to consumers

    Sales to business buyers

    Sales to government buyers

    We have all witnessed the fairly quick migration of purchases by consumers from brick-and-mortar to the internet for the past several decades. In 2020, worldwide retail e-commerce sales for the year grew 28 percent to $4.3 trillion.i

    Companies following this trend are more heavily investing in digital selling. According to Statista, worldwide digital advertising will grow from $40 billion in 2021 to $46 billion by 2024.ii Automation has seen similar growth to support factories and consumers. In early 2020, a Black & Decker factory making portable electrical tools opened in South Carolina. The factory is 100 percent automated. This rise in automation has impacted retail too. Consumers can order, pay for, and have a pizza delivered from Domino’s with no clicks. Not one click! If they have their favorite pizza in their Domino’s app, just opening the app is enough to order, pay for, and have the pizza delivered.

    Every recession results in rapid innovation and many new business start-ups. McKinsey & Company examined supply and demand factors across seven countries and six sectors looking at stalled productivity growth since the 1960s. This period includes all of the

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