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Navigating Insanity is a complex overview of an average person, with not so average views and questions.We live in a multifaceted world. A world of politics, religion, laws, government, economics, and science and many individual beliefs all wrapped up in this thing we call life.Have you ever read the paper, magazine, or watched the news and sat there and just shook your head and wondered why? Have you ever wondered who decided what to name the days of the week, or how they got their names? This may answer some of your questions. It may give you reason to ask others. If you agree with my views; I hope I gave you some facts that you were not aware of. If you disagree: I would hope that you read this with an open mind. I am not trying to tell anyone what to think, or to believe. I wish only to give you something to think about.Finally: If I am successful at all, it will give you some interesting things to discuss with family or friends. No one
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