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“Conversations with Ilya” are written from unique material: records of conversations of a little boy, kept since his early childhood. The book is interesting to read – unexpected awaits at every page – and at the same time you are taking part in the development of personality. A child’s thinking opens a veil over the deepest aspects of human psyche: How the act of judgment emerges? How the mind begins functioning? What disturbs a human being coming to the world. How does a child relate to parents, teachers, other kids, brother? “Conversations” reveal the nature of child’s worries: “there is grief in the world”, “some fool grabs all the power and gives orders all the time. And everybody obeys him.” On the back cover of the first edition there was Ilya’s opinion about the making of the book: “I see mama, you are always feeding on other people’s brains”. And, with pleasure, I recommend that everybody “feed on other people’s brains”. ...THE BEST CONTEMPORARY RUSSIAN WRITER UNKNOWN YET TO AMERICAN PUBLIC... The first publication in English by Diana Vinkovetsky, author of five books, laureate of two literary prizes. "...unique!" - J. Brodsky, poet, Nobel Price Laureate, American National Poet-Laureate, Mount Holyoke, MA. "...the inner world of a child grasping the reality of life... deep, refined, witty... direct, lively, funny, and unique." - S. Dovlatov, writer, Radio Freedom, Berlin. "Charming - more than charming. Amusing, hearty, and witty - a rare blend!" - A. Ginzburg, journalist, La Pensee Russe, Paris. " amazement at complexity of the world, available only to a child, who is not afraid of paradoxical and demands explanations of Unexplainable." - I. Efimov, writer, philosopher, New Russian Word, New York. "This book ought to be on the table in every family." - V. Len, Adviser on Culture to the President of Russia, Moscow. "A surprising book. About life and death." - I. Muraviev, writer, editor, Boston Time, Boston. "My daughter was bedridden with depression. After reading this book, as if a miracle occurred, she got up ready to live again." - J. Zakuta, Boston. "For everyone, who would like to understand his or her child. Captivating, unexpected at every page..." A. Kaganov, publisher, Our Children, Minsk. "...reminds Kierkegaard´s memories of his childhood". J. Eremin, Boy and Girl, St. Petersburg. "Child´s words unveil deepest aspects of psyche." - T. Mamonova, editor, The Women and the Earth, New York. "A jewel too dear... inspiring and precise... universality and uniquness of a miracle of a child, so lively, so laughing and funny." - V. Levi, TV talkshow host, psychologist, and writer, Moscow. "I read it with my kids, we were laughing and laughing, and they demanded more and again." - M. Borisov, journalist, We, Jerusalem. "...wonderful, unique." - J. Bowlt, art critic, professor USC, The Institute of Modern Russian Culture Bulletin, Los Angeles.
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