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Lieutenant Ross Randall Koepp’s compelling first hand account of the events of a horrific murder case takes you well behind the chaotic walls of a detective bureau in motion. Based on the true story of the brutal murder of German tourist, Gisela Pfleger, "Culture Shock" brings this harrowing story to life in a way that only a true cop-author can tell it. The book captures every riveting detail of this investigation, from the moment the first bullet strikes its unsuspecting victim, through the barrier of the gang’s code of silence, to the exhaustive search and arrest of the last remaining suspect. "Culture Shock" allows you to enter the minds of those unsung heroes known as detectives, who, you will discover, are actually ordinary people doing exceptional and extraordinary work. You are invited to witness first hand and to discover with the detectives how the separate paths of people so different could lead them to collide at a refuge on a mountain, where so many things go wrong in a place so right. What began as just another robbery-murder in our crime plagued society, ends up anything but ordinary.  One lost culture in our society, and one culture lost in our society.  What happens when the two meet?  "Culture Shock" will leave you searching for answers. This compelling story is about Gisela and Klaus Pfleger of Germany who came to visit their daughter, Birte in Southern California.  Birte was preparing to graduate from college and embark on her new career as a teacher.  Birte and her parents had much to celebrate.  In addition to celebrating Birte´s success, Gisela was here to share great news with her daughter.  She had been given a new lease on life.  After months of treatment, her cancer had finally gone in remission. It was spring in California and unlike the weather back home, it was dry and warm. The fast pace of LA had already taken its toll.  Their trip to Universal Studios was exhilarating, yet exhausting.  "Oh, those gunfights, they are so real!  These Americans are so clever," thought the Pflegers. But Klaus and Gisela needed to get away from the assault of LA, if only just for a day.  Birte had classes to attend. She pondered skipping to be with her parents but was so close to graduation.   Birte recalled a peaceful and tranquil place she had visited-it would be perfect for them.  Birte had provided detailed directions so that her parents would not get lost.  Though only an hour drive to the east of LA, the tiny spot near Idyllwild seemed like an escape to another world.  Her parents would feel much at home in the forest.  There they could relax. Klaus and Gisela admired the many plants and flowers in bloom.  They had never seen plants like this back in Germany, or in any other place they had traveled for that matter.  As they explored the Indian Vista Viewpoint, and soaked in the sights, both Gisela and Klaus were oblivious to the danger closing in on them.  They were not from here and had not been schooled in  “Street Survival 101”. Without warning, suddenly everything changed forever. Gisela lay dead in a pool of blood, while Klaus staggered about mortally wounded.  He had to get Gisela help.  How could they have gotten so lost? So begins the harrowing account of how an unimposing elderly couple from Germany would become the victims of a horrific crime: a crime that with the arrival of the morning’s papers, and the evening news would shock a nation and the world. Maneuvering in and out of consciousness, Klaus desperately sought help for his wife... Nestled in the valley, below, Detective Sergeant Ross Koepp was winding down, preparing to take a much-needed vacation. Sergeant Koepp and his crew of detectives had been, for as long as one could remember, working in overdrive with no off ramp in sight. The anticipated break was as much deserved as it was needed. With the events unfolding in the nearby forest, their plans would yet again be put on hold. Though in full swing, the on-going investigation left muc
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