“A client once left a message on my answering machine that she needed me to call her back quickly. “Help, I’m bleeding all over my house!” was her urgent message. I understood her meaning and anyone who has gone through the trauma of divorce does, too!” (Excerpt from Chapter 3) Fewer experiences in life cause greater pain, grief and confusion than a divorce. On the stress scale going through a divorce is the top stressor in anyone’s life! This is true simply because divorce changes our entire life. Change is difficult for most of us and grief around those changes is inevitable. If you have children the grief is compounded as they too will have to deal with the changes that divorce brings about. As a parent, we not only grieve the loss of our own hopes and dreams, we also grieve for the pain and loss that our children experience. “Healing the Love Wound: Relationships After Divorce” is a book that began as a weekend workshop designed to help the participants move through the trauma and grief that comes with divorce. It now is available to everyone who needs to find some peace, information and healing as they travel across the bridge from married to single again. The desire to rebuild a new life with another partner is a natural and strong drive for most of us. This book takes the reader through the grief process as it unfolds in real life. It talks about the passages that most people go through on the way to healing their heart after their divorce by helping define the kind of relationships that develop at every developmental stage of the healing process. It helps guide its reader through the maze of questions that are most frequently asked when dating begins again and identifies the feelings that so often fill the newly divorced with confusion. Written in simple, short and easy to understand chapters followed by a short recap of the information in it entitled “Keep In Mind…” allows the reader the ability to refresh understanding of the material without having to re-read the entire chapter. Healing the Love Wound is helpful, easy and inspired writing. Using the experiences of hundreds of divorced individuals, it shares personal experiences, wisdom and points the way toward healing. It may be the book you’ve been looking for to help you through those tough times!
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