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Early in his ministry Bruce Tucker discovered that people frequently asked about the same tough issues of the faith. Certain questions repeatedly surfaced. Every Christian  encounters these issues in the first few years of their faith. These issues can be very emotional, especially to those who hold different convictions about the answers. These questions are also controversial.  There is a considerable difference of opinion about the answers, and that is why the questions have not been resolved. Christians can not agree. Until they do, people will continue asking. Individuals desire to have some resolution. These questions have a practical impact on their lives. Few people ask about the number of angels that can dance on the head of a pin. They simply don’t care. It doesn’t directly affect them. These issues do have an impact. How can evil and a loving God both exist?Can a Christian  lose his or her salvation?How can God predestine people who still have a free will?Is healing guaranteed to all Christians?Can a Christian be demon possessed?Should one seek the baptism of the Holy Spirit?What are the mysterious gifts of the Holy Spirit?
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