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This book includes poems about many things that happen in life. I have written these poems from experiences that I have lived, things that my friends, co-workers and others have passed on to me and things that have just popped out of my head. I feel that at least one of the poems in this book should bring back one or more memories of something that has happened in your life or somebody you know. It could bring back memories of joy and happiness or memories that you have tried to forget. I hope that the poems in this book bring you joy and happiness plus some add a few moments of humor to your life. If a poem happens to bring back bad memories, I hope the way that the poem is written will help you put your thoughts behind you and let you enjoy the rest of your life. When you are reading this book, you will find yourself changing the name(s) in a poem or multiple poems with the name of one person or many people that you know. I enjoyed bringing the words in these poems to life for your reading. I want to thank you for purchasing this book so that I may share my feelings and observations with other people.
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ISBN: 9781456830441
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