DISC In another dimension, an alien race opens a door within space/time, not knowing just where that door is opening. In Crestport, Maine, strange occurrences begin, culminating in contact between the two species; contact that is overshadowed by disastrous initial circumstances through a tragic sequence of events. As the two cultures overcome initial suspicions and begin to learn of each other, they discover an ominous third intelligent species, from the very dawn of time, trapped in the netherworld between the two dimensions and bent on escaping. Fast paced and gripping with an ending that will leave one spellbound. Here´s what others have to say! "My REAL question is...when´s the sequel? I couldn´t get enough!"...L.A., Raymond, Maine "Like combining Heinlein and Clancy into one novel!"...J.L., Mechanicsville, Virginia "Fast read and a great climax, the ending took me by surprise!"...B.D., Richmond, Virginia
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781462800483
List price: $9.99
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