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This book is actually a collection of thoughts and ideas very open and quite understandable, by the many that witness life everyday. Living is quite the adventure in that it provides so many different points of view and so many different dealings, yet, we all fall back into similar results. We are often selfish to think that only we know how hard life is or how easy it is for others or better yet, that life only happens to us, the rest, don’t really understand it. There needs to be more clarity with this, so that there is better understanding and more facts are in place, rather than fictitious thoughts, unreasonable. We all go through pain, we all go through happiness, we all go through loss, we all go through miserable moments that swallow us up whole, there are no particular groups that witness this and others that don’t. We all share these commonalities, different people, different times, different cultures, yet same types of events. The feelings of hurt experienced from the loss of a loved one, same across the board. The feeling of overwhelming happiness as a newborn baby enters our family, same across the board. The feelings when being dumped by that boyfriend/girlfriend we love and cherish so much, same across the board. The feeling when you stand alone somewhere, isolated and thinking others just don’t understand anything, same across the board. The feelings when a divorce comes into play and the children are at a very delicate stage, same across the board. The feeling of losing that job, losing that house, losing that long kept personal artifact passed down from generation to generation, same across the board. We are all human, therefore, we all feel. Although some may be taken aback a lot stronger than others due to emotional ties to something very dear to them, the results in the end, generally come up to be the same, as far as the feelings and emotions witnessed. We must learn to understand and accept this, it will ease our ability to relate and soften our judgments of others. Read the many thoughts offered and whether relatable or not, take in the words written for better overall understanding. You may not have witnessed certain experiences within this literature, but perhaps you know of someone that has and can offer it to them, as a small consolation or proof that someone truly understands. There are many things to be learned over time and plenty of experiences to guide you, absorb them well and apply them at will. Believe that love makes the world go round as you take in these expressions and in acquiring said love, take some of that love and pass it on as you see fit, there’s plenty to draw from. As I now entrust my love of writing on to you, so should you, entrust your love of appreciating life, on to others, it may work wonders. Quite frankly, you would be pleasantly suprised at the results.
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