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Remember you have spent a lifetime learning all of the silly things that you have been told to do, to lose weight. It took three thousand patients and five hundred scientists six years to figure out that all of the things you have been told were wrong. You cannot overcome them by just knowing what they are, because they are being pounded into your mind several times a day through TV, Radio, Newspapers and your friends. If you want this book to teach you how to control your weight, you must forget all the things you think you have learned about dieting and balance the bad things you have been learning by reading it over and over again. You will learn something new each time you read it. It has been said that people retain only ten percent of what they read, so you will have to read it at least ten times, just to learn it all, then you must continue to read it to overcome all of the propaganda of people who are trying to sell you something. Stop listening to TV advertising. Free advice and great discoveries that never happen are not free. They are designed to sell you something and will prevent you from having the beautiful body you are looking for. Don't try to complicate matters. There is no magic formula and no one can do it for you.. You have been given the only tools that will help you to lose weight, right here in this book. If you use these simple instructions properly, you will lose weight. Don't depend on any diet to lose weight, because you will gain it all back if you do. Remember! Any workable program must contain good nutritional food with no pastas, desserts or snacks and very little meat. Diets that have no calories and fad diets of just one food generally lack nutrition and are very dangerous. What you have learned here will help, no matter what you do. To summarize; One of your biggest problems will be learning that you are eating too much. Most overweight people do not realize how much food they are eating. Cutting down on the amount of food you put into your mouth is much more important than counting calories. If you are overweight, you are getting too many of the wrong kinds of food and probably too many of the right kind. It is important for you to remember that one large meal that stretches your stomach can undo months of progress. You now know that being fat is an educated habit that only you can break. Just give up these bad habits and the weight will take care of itself.
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