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We are the 20% of the world that uses 80% of its resources.See how and why we could and should end world povertyand make sure every child gets adequate water, food, healthcare,shelter, education, opportunity, and hope. We can also save theenvironment in the process. Sound impossible? It isn’t. The termsdiscussed and defi ned include: Aquaculture; Biodiesel; CarbonNeutrality; Cookie Cutter Condos; Deforestation; Desalination;Desertifi cation; Ecotourism; Fast Track Guidance Program;High Speed Rail; Hydroponics; Mass Production; Match MakerProgram; National Academy; National Service; Noblesse Oblige;Oil Independence; Over fi shing; Overpopulation; ParentingClasses, Licensing, and Standards; Peak Natural Gas; Peak Oil;Peak Phosphorous; Peak Soil; Photovoltaics (PV); PreventiveMedicine; Resomation; Self Contained Cities; Sustainability;Thermal Expansion; Vertical Farming; Wind Power; ClassAcademies. The sooner we get started, the better.
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