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In the year 2125C.E., Joram and his wife, Atarah , are given an assignment to place devices aroundthe North East United States that are designed to soothe a vicious world. Joram narrates this saga, andreaffirms his love for Atarah as he humbly does the will of Shaddai in each adventure. They travel withtheir son, Terran, throughout the Appalachian Mountains, and are given a special assignment as theyquibit to another dimension to guide the spirits of passed souls into the light. Terran is separated fromhis parents and matures into his own destiny. A hedonistic Earth has brought the wrath of Shaddai. It istime for Him to intervene. No one knows the day or hour. The New World Order has taken over, andthe central government is based in South America. Computer chips are inserted into human brains andmandatory bioengineering is expected for children. Of course, they are taken from parents before six, tobe raised by the state. After the State erases personal philosophies, and crushes formal religion, humansare sorted into classes. There are special people called the Meek Ones, descended from the Jewish Essenes,hiding throughout the mountains of Pennsylvania. Protecting their culture is paramount.Earth’s astronomers have been tracking an asteroid. The government forbids telling citizens when it willstrike, but are told to stay inside. The planet is expected to be obliterated, so many people despair, or turnto their faith for strength. Demons and Angels use this disaster to fight for mans’ souls. The Meek Onestravel to high ground for shelter and safety, but soon realize that they are part of the final story of thecreation of man. The characters travel through the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life, called the Sefirot, containingmany levels, or dimensions. Demonic spirits tempt the Meek Ones, to forsake Shaddai and become partof their evil Dominion. Can they resist? Angelic beings interact with humans to bring Shaddai’s plan forhumanity into fruition. Belial and Azazel, and multitudes of spirits, battle for control of the new universethat is discovered after the impact of the Asteroid and the final battle. Two babies, from different cultureswill survive. What will happen to mankind?
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