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Reading this book is designed to give both a humorous and factual insight into the land down under thus enlightening the reader to this very different part of the world. This is not just another book extolling the virtues of Australia. Rather it is a series of stories written by an Australian. The stories give a concise view of life in Australia and include information on the geography, climate, animals, people, major points of interest and culture. Australia is a country comprising a whole continent and as such it was essentially cut off from the rest of the world until not much more than 200 years ago. That enabled the oldest living culture, the Australian Aboriginals, to survive and thrive and, since colonisation by Britain in 1788, we now see a nation that has the descendants of that ancient Aboriginal culture living alongside people from all over the world.Australia is now both an ancient and a modern society with a living standard amongst the highest in the world - and our "fair go" culture plays a very large role in that achievement. Fiercely independent and democratic, Australia and Australians are indeed unique. I trust you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it, and maybe you will join the many millions of people who visit Australia every year!.
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ISBN: 9781412221344
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