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“The essence of Spirituality is Love. Any delineation from this motive is hypocrisy created to destroy.”Author, Will Huttunen show how your Path, Destiny and Planetary Shift is the movement toward Unconditional Love. This book teaches how to take fear and pain and undo the only karmic patterns that create it. It is the repression of yourself. This experience is felt as a surrender of your judgments and a relinquishing of your control over your own Will. You cannot perform God’s Will while condemning your own. As one represses self, the Universe acts in like reply (karma/attraction) and creates un-Lovingness. The more we heal this, the more Loving you and the World will be. “By the standards of the dark ego, Hell is made to keep Earth safe from what it deems as unwanted. Hell is created as a holding cell so that we would not be bothered by parts of ourselves we judged due to The Will's unwillingness to prostitute itself.” “The discipline and obedience to God without Love is domination and control. Your hatred of how you feel is mostly observed as the discipline of God, the righteous control of evil.” “The pronouncement of salvation and the boasting of gratitude and happiness can be seen as The Light of God. Yet notice how willing this display is to actually feel any fear Lovingly. The talk of salvation is empty and fallacious without the action behind it. This empty boasting is not designed to heal. It is here to congratulate itself so to validate its position in power over The Will.” website -
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