There really isn’t anything more important in life than the search for the ultimate truth. In that search, what question could be more important than, is there a God? If there is a God, the following questions must be asked: What is He like? What does He expect of me? What has He done for me? This search requires asking serious questions and the willingness to modify beliefs—or occasionally to change them altogether. This can be a painful and difficult process, and so many people avoid or even ignore it; still, it is essential. In The Forest from the Trees, author Greg Hoffman seeks to answer questions such as, “What is the relationship between faith and reason/science?” Many would tell us they are incompatible, but Hoffman helps readers discover they are two sides of the same coin. He also deals with the existence of evil in the world. If God is good and He is the creator of this world, why does evil exist? This is perhaps the most difficult question that atheists have posed to theists. The two-part answer might surprise you. Even though this book has a few scientific sections, Hoffman has made the material accessible to those without a background in science. He believes that science points to God and fleshes out many of His attributes. Through The Forest from the Trees, you will see Him in a new and fresh way.
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