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Based on the best-seller Phonics Pathways, a complete approach to teaching phonics and early reading

Dolores Hiskes has developed a wealth of helpful teaching aides based on her best-selling book Phonics Pathways. This booster pack includes 46 double-sided flash cards that illustrate the sounds and spelling patterns of the English language; Speaking Pathways, a lively 35-minute audio CD that demonstrates the sounds of spoken English; and three fun phonics games: WordWorks, which reviews and reinforces phonics reading skills, Blendlt, which reinforces knowledge of beginning spelling patterns, and The Train Game, which features individual "train car" cards that kids put together to make longer words.

Companion CD demonstrates the sounds of spoken English Contains games that have been classroom-tested and proven effective Offers aides that are at once challenging and a fun way to learn reading skills

These powerful phonics teaching tools can be used with beginning readers, English language learners, dyslexic students, or children with attention deficits.

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