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This is the second book of The Angelic Chronicles trilogy. It tells of the celestial exploits and continuing rivalry between the archangelic brothers, Samael and Seriel, as they begin their exile in Abbadon. This is a dark, hellish place where essence-drinking demons and energy-sapping plant life abound. The story has something for everyone, being a tale of adventure with a sprinkling of romance and some dastardly deeds by Samael, a.k.a. the Devil. Both siblings are separated from their beloved Malkura in this angelic saga and the reader learns how the brothers handle this misfortune. Seriel is resigned to never having won her affection while Samael plots to regain what he has lost. Abbadon is classed in the Fantasy genre, but it possesses a subtle, spiritual undertone. The trilogy books emphasize how free will can easily lead to unwise and even unholy choices. They also document the eternal battle of goodness versus evil, while portraying the celestial hierarchy in a somewhat more controversial manner than religion has previously given to us.
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Abbadon - Marion Webb-De Sisto

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