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SUMMARY #4:- (SUPPLEMENTARY) BOOK DESCRIPTION (Option 2) – USE ONLY IF SPACE PERMITS. (FOR WEB SITE AND OTHER REQUIRED BOOK PROMOTION EXCERPTS) ************************************************************************************* “When you realize that all things CHANGE, there is nothing you will try to hold on to. AND ONCE YOU’RE NO LONGER AFRAID OF DYING, THERE IS NOTHING YOU CANNOT ACHIEVE” – Wisdom of the TAO ************************************************************************************** REVISITNG OUR UNFINISHED BUSINESS Taming the insidious cancer called AFRICAN DEMO-KRAZY (foisted on much of the so-called third world by crazed, greedy or mentally ill-clad men afflicted with a unique strain of the messianic complex) has eluded many countries including Nigeria since the early 1960s. Many have died and even many more continue to suffer in the wake of this siege which has left much of AFRICA devastated, its will trampled and its people’s fond aspirations pointedly ignored. So, as the next generation of inspired nation builders join the battle, willingly accept the baton or are conscripted by circumstance and conscience to continue the push for POSITIVE CHANGE in the long overdue emancipation of the people, it is appropriate, I think, that we take a little stock. This MORAL INITIATIVE is not about an immediate insistence on perfection. It never was. No Society is perfect. None will ever attain perfection in the true sense. Nevertheless, in our quest to better our current best efforts, we would be well-served to use our vision of the ideal (even the perfect) as our moral north-star. ALL WE WANT FOR NIGERIA (AND INDEED FOR AFRICA AND THE SO-CALLED THIRD WORLD) IS A SUBSTANTIALLY JUST SOCIETY WHERE EVERY LIFE IS VALUED AND WHERE CITIZENS HAVE A REASONABLE EXPECTATION THAT THEIR LIBERTIES WILL NEITHER BE ARBITRARILY TRAMPLED NOR THE SOCIETY MADE THOROUGHLY INHOSPITABLE FOR THEM TO PURSUE LEGITIMATE ENTERPRISE OR OTHER PERSONALLY EDIFYING FORMS OF HAPPYNESS AND LEISURE. The vision of the good (and the potentially perfect) which we nurtured and pursued, especially post colonial independence, still endures. Its unfulfilled promise looms large particularly over much of the under-achieving third world like a glaring scowl of hopelessness on the landscape; a barely contained angst of frustration reminiscent of an unsatisfied lover; a flunked initiative; an unfinished business, to say the least. This struggle, Africa’s struggle, our struggle, appears headed for a longer battle still. Consequently, to highlight the reality of our UNFINISHED BUSINESS of creating a just society; a more perfect Nigerian nation (and hopefully, a thriving African Union down the line), let me open with excerpts from the Book dedication address I gave TO THE PUBLIC AND THE MEDIA DURING THE 1994 FORMAL DEDICATION OF MY FIRST PUBLISHED BOOK, THE MILITARY FRANCHISE (the intellectual pre-cursor to this Book); RESONATING EXCERPTS FROM MY January 14, 1994 ADDRESS TO THE MEDIA AND OTHER ATTENDEES… “…The Military Franchise (AND BY EXTENSION THIS CURRENT BOOK) is the culmination of …years of coordinated research and writing. It is an attempt to draw attention to some of the challenges facing our nation, our continent and our race. Because of the nature of the subject-matter, I decided to approach the various issues from a personal perspective by drawing upon some of my own direct experiences in order to give greater credibility to the analysis, and hopefully to provide an even greater insight to the average reader. From the out-set, I had resolved not to go forward with the publication of the book if I later find myself unable to come forth with a well articulated set of recommendations to help deal with the key national challenges I identify. The intention was to elevate this effort from
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