For Exciting Book Reviews and Author Interviews, please click here! Melissa Lynn Horn, ML to her peers, has honed her executive and leadership skills as Vice President of Haynes Associates, a private management consultant firm, where she was the disciple of EF Haynes. Mr. Haynes is a man of power and influence and also Chairman of the Board of United Chemicals Corporation (UCC). It was EF who placed ML’s name into play for CEO, at a time when the Board was searching for a new chief executive to revitalize the corporation and lead it into the 21st Century. Plucky Pamela Green, is a columnist for Economic World magazine. She plans to write a biography of ML Horn however she cannot get a book deal unless the biography is authorized. Pamela gets approval to shadow ML as she goes about her introduction to the corporate insiders, their customers and select government officials. The reporter gets to observe the insider’s game of power as ML gains control of her male peers. The reader will follow the single mindedness of a career driven woman as she scales the corporate heights, fights off a usurper for her title and an enemy out to destroy UCC. They will see the insecurities of a woman who has never been in a successful relationship, as she learns from a special man, what it is to receive and give love. CEO is a corporate page-turner complete with ambition, betrayal, romance and greed. It is a slice of corporate life, from the viewpoint of the first woman to be appointed CEO of an industrial corporation. CEO is real life upped in pace, color, flavor and tempo. Possessing the ambition that is comparable to that of a man, ML attacks her responsibilities with the zeal of a competitor. The only acceptable outcome is to win! In the end, does the woman make the CEO – or does being CEO force the executive to become a woman?
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