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Vocabulary Success is part of a series of ten books,-Books I through 10 designed to improve both written and oral communication. Vocabulary Success provides a rich vocabulary for high schools through college. Vocabulary Success Series would build upon the foundation laid by Vocabulary Trailblazers Series (designed for elementary and middle school students to provide a strong foundation) and take you to master the art of communicating in words. After going through these series you would have learned over 1000 exceptional words needed to provide you with excellence and mastery of the English language. Most of these words are not very common. One would only likely meet them in the SAT, GRE and GMAT. Each Vocabulary Success ook contains over 100 words and over 25 worksheets and answers. Each book (Books 1 through 9) is design to take the student systematically through the 1000 words, 100-125 at a time with detailed worksheets covering synonyms, antonyms, homonyms and word puzzles. This book, Book X or volume 10 provides a good summary of what you would expect in the individual books. After going through these books the student would gain confidence and be able to communicate effectively.
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