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Applied Superphysics & Occult Archaeology: © Copyright 2005 Horus Michael I • Was Jesus Christ Schizophrenic? • Did the Freemasons design America as a New Egypt? • Why was the name of Ra, the Ancient Egyptian Creator God, found in the Great Seal of the USA? • Why is the Pledge of Allegiance a salute to Ra? • What is Psychic Warfare? These questions and more are answered in Applied Superphysics & Occult Archaeology, the sequel to Superphysics, etc. by Horus Michael the Conqueror. Included in this book you will find revisions of the Egyptian Cabala & Tao Duat 2 from the original edition, fieldwork (experiments) in Superphysics from Season 2004-2005, a guide on Psychic Warfare and some end results, a poem & short story, and a number of Egyptian texts. A special section is given to Occult Archaeology, whereby research discovered the meaning of Freemason symbolism in America, why certain people are reborn with knowledge from past visits, an interpretation of the New Testament by an outside view, and a new Book for the Dead written in the ancient style.
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