Superphysics, etc. Superphysics The Practical Kheri-Heb Kheri-Heb Mastery The Book of Amon-Ra Tao te Duat Modern Egyptian Sorcery Hekaurshen In Superphysics you will rediscover the nature of beliefs, how magic works, and the purpose of religion. All 3 embody the very essence of the Egyptian mind. You will also discover what “cold light” is and the nature of spirits, how to restore life to the seemingly dead, heal people with bioenergy, and the Afterlife. Learn the secret language of Atlantis and its non-mythical heritage, based on memories of Atlanteans recently reincarnated (fulfilling the Edgar Cayce prophecy). Included are several recent Egyptian magic books, plus a book dedicated to the worship of the Egyptian Creator Amon-Ra (added as an example relating to Superphysics). You will learn that ‘prayer’ is actually a psychic ability, and that through religion people learn how to work it, using mythologies as ‘training wheels’ of the mind. The ability of Chrono-kinesis, or the ability to influence the future/Time, figures prominently in magic in the form of spells, rituals, and other mental focuses. Numerous experiments were undertaken in the proof of these theories, regardless of ethics. Spirits are indeed real, not fantasy, but modern society is attempting to disprove their existence in the belief of ‘moving forward.’ This, then, is an archaeological exploration of the supernatural. A good reference for anyone interested in new science.
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