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Failure vs. Success Now that this book is finally in print, I have given much thought as to why I ever compiled it in the first place. And then it struck me – this book represents the format that my own life has taken—first failures and then ultimately successes. Born the child of impoverished & poorly educated immigrant parents who clawed their way through the great depression & World War II, my life seemed to have no reason for greatness. My four years of U.S. Navy Service during the Korean War repaid me with the GI bill and the opportunity to get a college education. Thereafter my career as a life insurance agent began with many ups & downs caused by a lack of self confidence and a belief that my life was simply “ordinary” and not really destined for achievement. The work ethic instilled in me from birth kept me ever going forward, but I never thought about success – my career was just a job and nothing more. But as I kept trying, I became increasingly better at it. I began spending lots more money on my career education, learning everything available about life insurance. People I met inspired me and I began living the life described in my book. As I gained maturity, education and experience, I kept records of my achievements and one day I realized I had accomplished the tenets in this book and I suddenly realized I had become successful. How did it happen? Lots of education, lots of hard work, maturity, self confidence, learning my product backwards & forward, how to use it, how to sell it and how to love it – surpassing other agents who leveled off in their behavior & knowledge, I constantly put into practice everything I learned. I grew & grew until I really became the success I never dreamed was possible. But it was possible. First I had to learn it, feel it and become it – and then it happened for me just as it will happen for you – if you REALLY want it! And that’s why I wrote this book – for you. Jerry Marcozzi
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ISBN: 9781462810260
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