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I am a Christian.” These words are spoken by many people. Many people wear crosses, and sing songs such as “I Surrender All” by Judson W. Van DeVenter, and label themselves as being Christian. What is a Christian? Every single definition of the word Christian has the name of Jesus in it. Jesus is the center of the label “Christian.” The spoken words of Jesus and the actions of Jesus are front and center as we look in the book of Matthew of the Holy Bible. We examine His words and actions and determine how we implement them in our lives. We will find some alarming words to consider. The alarming words are unexpected and demand that we follow Jesus to claim the title of ‘Christian’. In Follow, the statement, “I am a Christian” is simplified. A Christian must know what Jesus said and what Jesus did and follow Him. Is there any other way to be a Christian? Biography Connie was born in Shawnee, OK, to Pat (L. D.) and Dorothy Baker.; the oldest of four children.. She lives in Seminole, OK. She ismarried to Joe Elmore and they have four daughters, two sons, three sons-in-law, one daughter-in-law, and eleven grandchildren at this time. Her hobby is teaching her Kindergarten students. God has put many good people in my path that have helped put this commentary together, whether they knew it or not! During a bout with cancer, she was forced to quit teaching for 3 years. During that time, she read the Holy Bible, and listened to BOTT Radio station. It was then that she found It. It, being the excitement of waking up everyday to see what God had in mind for her . She insists that each person on the planet has the same opportunity if they desire to be a person after God’s own heart, willing to take action in following Jesus. It is what we are all looking for. The satisfaction cannot be measured. “Each day begins and ends with Jesus. Follow Jesus! As followers of Jesus, we are compelled to alert mankind to the absolute truth that is revealed when you trust and give Jesus your life. It is more than repentance, although we repent because Jesus tells us to. It is more than believing that Jesus is the Son of God; the devil believes that. It is real and it is magnificent. On the great day of the return of King Jesus, be there. Follow Jesus!”
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