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A beginning challenge for me was to write a book that would speak plainly to people who are already married, and to those looking to get married. A second challenge in writing this book has been to share meaningful real life examples that will help others avoid stumbling blindly into ditches, and at the same time protect those whose stories are shared. I have not tried to make this book overly religious but I emphatically believe that God is the "MARRIAGE MAKER" and just like any systems designer He has created a manual of operation. The Bible is full of practical helps there for the taking. I have spent 30 years in pastoral family and marriage counseling. My thirst in all these years has been to research and develop tools and materials that will help marriages work better. We have always looked for opportunities to share our message, through marriage videos, booklets, workshop materials, and many marriage seminars around the country. One message that rings out throughout our presentations is that there are spiritual factors called principles that effect what we do and how we do it. So this book joins with our many other presentations in striving to wrap theological principles around real life illustrations. Hopefully our readers will find that this project is easy reading, however substantially solid intellectually, with tasteful humor.
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