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Frustrated with the state of education, a high school teacher challenges you to explore what’s actually happening in schools across America. Why are our students failing? It’s a combination of many factors. Teachers are supposed to be classroom instructors, counselors, parents, and disciplinarians. Administrators are often more concerned with upward mobility than the education of students. Unions are protective of everyone, including incompetent teachers. Politicians enact new legislation for posterity’s sake. Parents and students are not being held accountable for non-performance. Teacher’s Turn: Speaking Out poses questions based on real life situations and frustrations occurring in our nation´s classrooms, school sites, and district offices. The author answers questions to critical issues in our schools based on over 10 years of experience and knowledge. Included are "Questions to Consider," a challenge for readers to re-create our educational system. America needs realistic options for our students, teachers, administrators, schools. Politicians should not be making decisions about our educational system. It’s time teachers start speaking out!
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