The Boox Review, A reviewer, May 14, 2004, [5 out of 5 stars] Business professionals new to the sometimes tricky world of white collar treachery are well advised to consider this ´candid guide to a career in business,´ author Del Casino´s solid instructional to many of the trial and error pains inherent along the unchaperoned path of the 8-5 grind. Del Casino, a veteran consultant, advisor and principal in the investment management business, launches into several invigorating nail-on-the-head rants along the way, traversing such territory as: ´Taking Stock of Yourself,´ ´Interviews,´ ´Evaluating Offers,´ ´Lessons to Learn,´ and ´Manage Your Career.´ Powerful, effective, caustic crash course in all the workplace necessities that cannot necessarily be found in any textbook. Detra Fitch / Huntress Reviews, on the web, April 29, 2004, [5 out of 5 stars] So you are looking for a career. Not just a job that you could care less about in the long run. I mean a real career. The position you have dreamed about, studied for, and want with all your heart. Well there are many other people out there that want the same position you do. You must put your best foot forward and make yourself stand out. ....................... That is where this gem of a book comes in handy. This book takes you from the first step of deciding upon your career, to past the last step of landing a position and beginning your long climb up the corporate latter. Chapters one - eight help readers develop an idea of what career they wish to strive for. Then shows how to build a strong strategy, research for opportunities, create a resume that won´t get passed over or filed and forgotten, and how to shine during interviews. Chapters nine - eleven give sound advice in what to do once you have been hired. Chances are that the position you get hired for is not the one you have dreamed of. It is simply the first step to the climb up the corporate latter so you may reach your coveted position. These last few chapters will show you how to get up those first few rungs faster than normal. ..........................The person who gave me this book said that I would probably cruise through the book in an afternoon. After all, it is only 118 pages. I recall thinking to myself that it should not even take me that long to read it. WRONG! I found myself going back and rereading sections. I high lighted parts, took notes, and carried the book with me to work for a few days. Personally, I have been climbing the corporate latter for several years now and found lots of advice that I could immediately put to use. .......................... Whether you are in high school, college, or been part of the work force for a few decades, this book is worth every cent you pay for it. (And costs much less than going to even one business seminar.) This little book is rock solid and highly recommended. ************************************************In the opening scene of Annie Hall, one of Woody Allen´s best known movies, Mr. Allen tells a joke in which one elderly lady complains to another about the poor quality of food they´ve been served in a Catskills resort, and the other lady agrees but adds that she thinks the portions are too small! Mr. Allen makes the point that the joke depicts his view of life--- that it´s filled with misery and unhappiness, but it ends much too soon! Unfortunately, the sad truth is that most of us who´ve worked for many years feel the same way about our jobs (i.e., they suck!), yet we live in constant fear of losing them to a restructuring, a merger, an acquisition, a downsizing, a bankruptcy or a new technology! TRAINING WHEELS: A Candid Guide To A Career In Business is primarily intended for novices interested in pursuing business careers, although those with some work experience who haven´t taken time to critically examine and evaluate their careers may also find it helpful. Very few people will teach you anything really useful about your career on the job, a
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