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“Take a journey in Time present with Trans-17, a travel device invented by Gordon Paradise and Ross Red Jacket of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Journey the Milky Way Galaxy in the present moment and enjoy the experiences and hardships Gordon Paradise faces in his solo quest for life forms and living beings in the Galaxy we call home. Meanwhile Ross Red Jacket stays on earth to manage the Time device, and life changes on earth as well as on other planets."Only change is constant, “so says the world, and it comprises a reality of its own, as life takes on the turns and tumbles much like a river. The novel is an enjoyable, humorous, and challenging book, one full of surprises with clear, precise, and poetic descriptions. This novel is Part 1 of a Trilogy, and the second book is currently being written, Entitled, VOYAGER MARS, it will be another book dealing with space travel and the ultimate challenge of the first landing on planet Mars. So begin with THE GALAXY GAME TRILOGY: Paradise Lost: One Found, and enjoy the fine writing and character development read in the finest novels. Don’t settle for anything less than great fiction. Written for the intelligent reader in mind, THE GALAXY GAME TRILOGY IS not the vapid vampire books being written at Third grade reading levels. Challenge yourself, and invite friends to purchase this book. Join the search for adventure, love, and exploration, in a novel that will thrill discerning readers."
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