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About this ebook

“There’s his boat. Upside down on the sand. Like something ancient, something returned to nature long ago.”
Confluence is a heart-wrenching page turner, full of suspense and tension, set on Australia's beautiful east coast.
Twenty years ago, 10-year-old Liam's father left to go fishing in the early morning dark and never came home.
Now Liam is living an unhappy life in Sydney, having an affair with the married woman upstairs, haunted by the ghosts of his childhood.
When he gets a call about his mother's health, he quits his dead-end job and returns to his childhood home near the ocean - ostensibly to help her, but really to wrestle with his own memories and his demons.
Weaving between the past and present, Confluence is a gritty and raw contemporary mystery about time, memory, love, loss and intergenerational trauma, through the lens of one family’s tragedy.

PublisherGemma Chilton
Release dateFeb 10, 2022
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