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I Am So Blessed-The Journey Volume One: I Am So Blessed- The Journey, #1
I Am So Blessed-The Journey Volume One: I Am So Blessed- The Journey, #1
I Am So Blessed-The Journey Volume One: I Am So Blessed- The Journey, #1
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I Am So Blessed-The Journey Volume One: I Am So Blessed- The Journey, #1

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About this ebook

I Am So Blessed- The Journey Volume One is a compilation of poems written to tickle the mind. Together, these poems tell the story of life and show that in the journey of life one is never alone in their trial but can be alone in their immediate space. This book depicting topics on Blessings, Life, Love, Relationships, Nature-Life Comparisons, and Inspiration, hopes to intrigue the mind about happiness, sadness, love, pain, plans, thoughts, dreams, deceit, truths, and lies. 


As you read through the book, poems such as Blessed, Loving Life, A Letter to Mom, Flutters, They Can All Go To Hell, Ants, and The Jackass and the Horse, and many, many more, you will realize that they were written to tell the story of life. Its written mission is to capture the imagination of the reader; to draw them with intent to fascinate them about their own life's journey of remembrance of situations within their life's journey. 





Release dateMar 30, 2022
I Am So Blessed-The Journey Volume One: I Am So Blessed- The Journey, #1
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Ainsley A. Carter

Ainsley A. Carter was born in Barbados, a small island in the Caribbean, in the Parish of St. Philip, Six Roads. He was raised with the concept of working hard by doing, walking over a mile every Sunday to church and back, hoping to hitch a ride in any direction because at that time many people could not afford a car. He was poor in material wealth but rich in spirit. He carries with him the reminders of when it all started and the evolution of the growth in his life. Although professionally an Electrician, his love of writing began at a young age. He always had a flair for creativity and a curiosity to see how things were done while adding a little spunk. This caused his father to say that there was something different about him.  His biggest thrill in life, apart from fast cars and motorcycles, is the passion for encouraging others to search within themselves and find that hidden talent that would make them feel complete while creating a sense of purpose.  He then challenges them to challenge themselves to birth that talent that the whole world is waiting for. Never give up based on time and or obstacles because everything happens with time, and obstacles are there to be conquered. It is his hope that this book will make a difference in others.  Perhaps an eye-opener, an encourager,  or a reminder to go after your dreams no matter how long it takes. Ainsley currently resides in the United States with his family, and he continues to write. You can contact him through ainsleyacarter.com.

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    Book preview

    I Am So Blessed-The Journey Volume One - Ainsley A. Carter



    Lord, You have given me the blessing of being blessed.

    Blessed enough to realize that

    Every day brings new trials,

    And the understanding that the only way

    There can be new conquering,

    Is by making today better than yesterday.


    In times of hardships,

    Lord, I still thank You.

    You have blessed me with the opportunity to wake,

    And see another sunrise,

    Where the air is refreshing,

    And the morning skies are so beautiful.


    Lord, You have given me visions

    Of what this day can be,

    But I need to always remember

    That the visions are nothing without You,

    Leading me along the way,

    To make them become a reality.

    Lord, I thank You for everything,

    Even the bad times,

    For without the bad, I would have never known

    How to cherish the good times,

    And I would have taken

    The good times for granted.


    Lord, for me to appreciate You more,

    I have to expect life's up and downs,

    Who am I to think that I am the only person

    That is in need?

    For I know of others

    Who are worse off than I am,

    And are still praising Thee.

    Lord, You Are

    Lord, You are my life,

    My heart beats with love.


    Lord, You are my world,

    And all that grows in it is good.


    Lord, You are my breath,

    Everything in my life is fresh.


    Lord, You are my eyes,

    You have led me through my dark times.


    Lord, You are my touch,

    My present and my future feel great and promising.


    Lord, You are my smell,

    That inspires my taste.

    Lord, You are my nourishment

    When I am spiritually hungry.


    Lord, You are my ears,

    While others just hear, you help me listen.


    Lord, You are my sun,

    You shine on my stormy, cloudy days.


    Lord, You are my rain,

    In periods of mental drought.


    Lord, You are my raft,

    In times of floods.


    Lord, You are my full moon,

    In my pitch-dark nights.


    Lord, You are my guiding star,

    When I have lost my way.

    Lord, You are the Conductor of my time,

    And the Director through all my seasons.


    Lord, You are all that and so much more,

    The Alpha and Omega,

    The Beginning and the End.

    Lord, I Thank Thee

    Lord, You have given me the ability

    To plan with great fruition,

    For that, Lord, I thank Thee.


    Lord, You have given me an exceptional spouse,

    And wonderful children,

    For that, Lord, I thank Thee.


    Lord, You have given me caring parents,

    And a start to life much better than most,

    For that, Lord, I thank Thee.


    Lord, You have given me over the years,

    Lasting physical and mental fortitude,

    For that, Lord, I thank Thee.


    Lord, You have given me the ability to steward

    The future of my family,

    For that, Lord, I thank Thee.

    Lord, even though life has so many mysteries,

    I pray that in the present and in the future,

    You would keep my faculties strong enough

    For me to continually say,

    Lord, I thank Thee.

    GOD’s Blessings

    Dear GOD, my Heavenly Father,

    I prayed for help

    When I was in distress,

    And You did not answer my prayers,

    When I felt it was best.


    Instead, You answered when You deemed

    It was the right time, because

    You knew I had to recognize

    What I had to master,

    That life is not what I

    Want it to be, but what

    I believe You need it to be.


    LORD, I do not know

    And would not discern

    Beforehand, what

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