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Parenting For Crisis Avoidance
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“My wife and I don’t like to go to family functions. Every time we visit relatives, our three year-old son is constantly running in the house. It’s so embarrassing. He’s knocked over food tray tables and ignores our pleas to slow down. We get those special “looks” from his grandparents and the other relatives. Why does he do this? What do we do?”

“As a single parent, I try hard to understand my teenage
daughter’s behavior—yet I’m beside myself. She has no
interest in her schoolwork and is flunking two courses. I
offer to help her, but she says she can do it herself. Why
is this happening to us? What do we do next? How am I
supposed to deal with this?”

“Our fifteen year old son is driving me and my husband crazy. He’s like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Sometimes he can be conversational, charming and helpful. Other times all he does is mumble, give one word answers to our questions and walk away while we’re talking with him—and he spends way too much time secluded in his bedroom. This can’t be normal. How can we expect him to be a social human being with behavior like that?”
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Parenting For Crisis Avoidance - Joseph J. Callahan Iii

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